The X Files S03, Ep04 – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 4

Title: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

Original Air Date: October 13, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cop: So this guy is hacking up victims to see his future?

* Scully: Too bad about your negative energy Mulder, you missed quite a performance.

* Scully: Might as well go home Mulder, this case is as good as solved.

* Old Man: How could I see the future if it didn’t already exist?
Mulder: But if the future is written then why bother to do anything?
Old Man: Now you are catching on.


An old guy is reading a tabloid magazine at a liquor store. He buys a lotte ticket. A curly haired man goes to a palm reader. He asks why he is going to do what he is going to do. She is confused. He then kills her. The local police call in Mulder and Scully for help. The tabloid psychic arrives. Suddenly he says his vison is blocked. He accuses Mulder of blocking him. Mulder gets kicked out. After, he comes back and debunks the psychic’s prediction. The old guy tries to sell a husband and wife a life insurance policy, they want to buy a boat instead. The salesman goes home and finds a head of lettuce in the fridge that he sees a face on. He takes out a neighbor’s trash and then sees her dog eating her. He finds an actual body in the dumpster. Scully speaks to the man who found the body. He knew the eyes were removed without looking at the body. He knows things that were not released to the public. Mulder and Scully take him to the crime scene. Mulder knows he can see things. He doesn’t want to help but then he’s drawn to where she was murdered. He suddenly has to vomit. Mulder thinks he is for real. He looks at the dolls and sees another dead face on a doll. He tells the pair where to find another body. The next day the body is found in the lake that he told them about. The old guy watches the lottery draw and doesn’t win. Mulder arrives. He refuses to help. He asks Mulder if he wants to know how he will die. Mulder wants to know but the man won’t tell him. He doesn’t want to help because he doesn’t want to alter the future. When he realizes he could possibly prevent himself from being born he agrees to help. Mulder shows him items. The man can only tell him how the person who created or owns the object is going to die. And nothing else. Scully has a piece of evidence. She gives it to the man. He gives her all the information about the owner. But he also sold the man a policy a few months ago. The old man tells them the guy has been murdered. He tries to lead them to the body. The three walk through the forest to try and find the body. He tells them what lead him to develop his skill. The go back to the car and it’s stuck in mud. When they try to push it out the discover the body. Now they ask him to check out a thread. He tells Mulder that the killer sees Mulder trying to catch him. They wind up in a kitchen. The killer comes up on Mulder from behind while he is looking at a pie and the guy tries to attack him. He then gives him a piece of mail that came from the killer. The killer goes to a psychic. Mulder puts the old man in a hotel to keep him safe. Scully studies back ground checks. The male psychic continues the reading. The old man tries to make a pass at Scully. Mulder knocks at the door to relieve Scully. But she decides to ask how she dies. He tells her she doesn’t. Mulder reads while the old man doesn’t sleep. He tells Mulder he dreams of how his body decays when he dies every night. Scully arrives with someone to watch the old man. There’s another body. Mulder is starting to not believe in the guy while Scully is starting to believe him. The cop asks the old man if he is going to die of lung cancer. He tells him no. He tells him not to open the door, but he does. The killer and the old man meet. The two talk. He asks the old man why he does the things he does. The cop comes out of the bathroom at that time and he attacks and kills the officer. Scully pronounces that the killer is the hotel’s bell hop. He’s racing for an exit and just gets past Scully. At the elevator, Mulder sees the bellhop and gives chase. He winds up in the kitchen. He steps in the in the pie and remembers. The killer attacks him. He goes to stab Mulder, but Scully arrives and kills him. She got on the wrong elevator, the service elevator, that’s how she saved Mulder. They head back to the building he lives in. There is a card and a dog attached to the door. The dog is offered to Scully via the card. They find him inside dead. Scully is watching a movie at her home on the couch with the dog. Scully sees a commercial for the psychic Yappi who was useless. She picks up the phone and throws it at the tv in disgust.

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