The X Files S02, Ep18 – Fearful Symmetry

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: Fearful Symmetry
Original Air Date: February 24, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: If I was a betting man I’d say…
Scully: An invisible elephant?

* Scully: No, I was just wondering why such a small pen for such a large animal.

* Scully: A tiger is missing, and a member of your organization is dead. For such a principled man you show an amazing lack of emotion.

Synopsis: A bank in Fairfield, Idaho. The two man cleaning crew works. There’s an earthquake of some kind. A window shatters. Its like a sound wave. It’s hitting everywhere. A construction worker gets seriously injured. A trucker stops as an elephant is walking out of the fog towards his rig on the road. He’s speechless. The elephant is real though as now she lays on the ground. A kid walks up to her. She passes. Scully speaks with the cleaning crew. They didn’t see anything either. Scully says it sounds more like a sonic boom. Mulder says the dead construction worker had an elephant print on him. Someone from the zoo comes and speaks to them. The elephant was from the zoo. Her cage was still locked. He has no idea how she got out. Scully and Mulder head to the zoo to speak to the woman in charge of how the animals are treated. She is not helpful. Scully is upset by how small the pen is for the elephants. The new naturalist has been trying to expand all the habitats, both inside and out, so that the animals are more comfortable. Scully and Mulder speak with a local group that has been freeing animals. He shows them video of the zoo owner torturing the animals. It’s why they watch him so closely. The naturalist is also dealing with a lawsuit about a lowland gorilla and is distracted by that. Scully and Mulder discuss how the elephant might not have shown up on video. Mulder makes a video call to his trio. They are familiar with animals disappearing from the zoo. No animal has ever successfully bred at this zoo. There’s a miliarty base not far either. Scully tracked a member of the group and he hopped a fence into the zoo. She does the same to follow him. She gets caught and tells the guy who she is chasing. He is by the wolves. Mulder races over to the zoo. He can’t get in so he climbs the fence too. The guy is also by the tiger. The animals start freaking out because there is really weird sounds. The activist guy tries to film it but a light blinds him. Suddenly, the tiger is not in his cage. He can hear it snarling but can’t see it. It attacks him. His camera fell and the attack gets filmed. Mulder calls her out of the meeting. Mulder tells her that the tiger didn’t kill him, the video does not show any attacker. Mulder and Scully go to see Miss Ambrose. Her gorilla Sophie is there. She won’t go outside, just tells her she is afraid of the light. Sophie also draws. Mulder asks about a veterinary facility. They do an autopsy on the elephant. He also asks about the failure rate of the animal pregnancies. Scully finds the elephant was pregnant. Back in town, two construction workers hear a sound. Zoo staff head to the site to capture it. The naturalist has a tranquillizer gun that she would rather use than an actual gun. The tiger watches her and then pounces. Ed shoots it to save her. The zoo gets closed. All the animals will be moved to other zoos. Mulder tells her the tiger was pregnant too. He gives her a speech about alien abduction and pregnancies. They go to talk to Sophie. She is afraid of Mulder. They get a little information from her. She says the babies go into the light. Miss Ambrose goes to the animal activist to ask for help. She tells him that Sophie is pregnant. He refuses to help her. The animals are in a warehouse, in shipping containers. Sophia starts freaking out. The activist drives over in a truck to see the naturalist. He looks all over for her. He gets zapped and a cage lid lands on him. Miss Ambrose found him like that. They ask about her visit to Kyle. She sees a note for the first time. They exit to talk. Mulder thinks Miss Ambrose is behind it to protect Sophie. Mulder watches Meechum acting weirdly. Scully tells Miss Ambrose that Kyle got hit with a cattle prod. Meecham is the one who took Sophie. She’s in a building on the road to Boise. Mulder finds him and wants to know where Sophie is. Sophie is very upset. Mulder tells Ed he’s going to have to tranquilize her. She jumps on Mulder and Meecham runs for it. Suddenly, there’s a huge flash and Sophie is gone. Scully finds Mulder but no Sophie. Mulder shows Miss Ambose some signs that Sophie made. Then get a report that she was spotted on the interstate. Some jerk hit and killed her. Mulder and Scully drive away while he thinks about aliens.

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