Princess Leia

Star Wars 1978 #12

Luke and his droids are stuck on this water planet that they have nicknamed Doomworld. The species riding the water creature is somehow making the creature that was attacking them, push the spaceship. R2D2 has detected craft in the area…. Read More ›

Star Wars 1978 #11

Han, Chewie and the Falcon leave the planet Aduba-3. Han calculates a hyperspace jump. They talk about the team they just worked with and how well they all worked together. Han would even team up with them again. But he… Read More ›

Star Wars 1978 #10

Han and his team are doing their best to save the village, but the monster is making it harder. No one believed the old shamen. Is this monster going to destroy the invaders? The leader of the raiders heard stories… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #8

Eight Against a World In the cantina, Han is under attack. His prospective employers are attacking him. Turns out one of the attackers is involved with the blue skinned female that was hitting on Han. He fights back, but the… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #7

The Death Star is destroyed. Darth Vader is heading off. On Yavin, Han and Chewbacca say goodby to Luke, Leia and C3PO. Han admits he’d like to stay, but he owes a debt to Jabba the Hutt that he has… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #6

Blue Squadron prepares for battle. They configure their fighters into X Wings. Luke is in this squaddron as blue 5. The squadron leader reiterates the plan. They need a direct hit on the thermal exhaust port. Alarms in the Death… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #5

Han sends Luke to the laser cannon and tells him to sit tight until the onslaught comes. Princess Leia thinks that the situation could be hopeless, yet they have gotten this far. It’s Princess Leia who announces the arrival of… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #4

Han, Luke, Leia and Chewie are in the hall. Elsewhere, C3PO and R2D2 are freaking out as now everyone on the Death Star has been alerted to their prescence. In the hall, Leia takes over and orders everyone into a… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #3

Grand Moff Tarkin threatens Princess Leia. He tells her he will blow up Alderaan. Princess Leia protests that Alderann has no weapons. He gives her one last chance to give them the rebel base. She finally tells them, “Dantooine.” Then… Read More ›