Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 36

The Falcon is orbiting the planet Monastery. An Imperial battleship also arrives. It informs the Falcon it plans to board it for an inspection. Han comes up with a cover story. Princess Leia is forced to hiding. The battleship starts to pull in the Falcon with a tractor beam. C3PO is very worried. Han tells him to lie to the Imperials. Han gives the Imperials his papers. He doesn’t buy it. He tells him that he knows the ship and who he is. They are taken into custody. The officers begin searching for Princess Leia.

On Monastery below, Luke is wandering a forest. He is too nervous about his presentation tomorrow against the Empire to sleep. He’s not sure what sister Dodonna thinks, but he suddenly sees her in field in the distance where she is mediating. A beast is watching her. It lunges at her. Luke breaks into a run to be able to propel himself into the beast. They roll and fall into the water. Luke’s not a fan of water. He pulls out his lightsaber and kills the beast. However, it does not win him favor. He is informed that the cat was a pet that is allowed to roam there freely. It would not have harmed her. He tries to understand but doesn’t. Dodonna feels sorry for him as he is very naïve and trusting. Darth Vadar walks up behind her. She informs him she does not forget that the House of Tagge has to be avenged and it’s the only reason she is working with Darth Vader.

The Imperial ship is tending to the Tagge family members on ice. The search of the Falcon is also complete, and the Princess was not located. The officer is furious. Han tries to get the Falcon off the ship but the officer decides to arrest them. Once the Falcon is empty, Leia states there are advantages to travelling with a smuggler. She was in a bin with a false bottom. She wakes up C3PO to contact Luke. She is able to reach Luke through the connection with C3PO ad R2D2. He shares his concerns about what is going on. She warns him to be careful. She also tells him she, Han and Chewbacca are on Darth Vader’s ship. She disconnects as Luke is summoned to meet the Elders. He has to go to the meeting chamber.

In a flashback, we see Domina Tagge meeting with her brother who is an Imperial General on Monastery. He informs her the best way to get revenge is to work with Darth Vader. He became a regular visitor for her after that meeting. She remembers when two of her brothers fought. One wanted her to marry into an Imperial family and the other did not. She was the only untainted Tagge.

Luke is asked to wait until he is called. He checks with R2D2 to make sure he is ready. He then gets called in. He enters and is surprised. Sister Domina announces they have just voted to revoke the circle and she is now the high priestess. She then informs him that she wants the entire rebel alliance eliminated. Luke is angry. Domina blames him for disruptions in the circle of life. She tells him that based on what he did in the meditation grove killing the cat that he is a menace. Luke in his current state is no longer distracted by Domina. He realizes that the force has been being used to weaken the judgement of everyone there. He points out that only Darth Vader would use the force to do that. He continues that Darth Vader set this up as a trap for him and the rebels but also to turn the order into serving the Empire. Darth Vader is impressed with his new diplomatic skills. Darth Vader then challenges him to battle to the death. Luke is happy to do the battle. Domina brings a halt. Telling them that no weapons will be used in the temple. She thought the lightsabers were ceremonial and not functional. She sanctions the duel. Then tells them it will take place at sunset in the Crystal Valley. Darth Vader did not expect this.

Back on his ship, Baron Tagge has fully recovered and is awake. Suddenly, there are explosions on the ship. It’s Princess Leia blowing up the ship. We see her with a blaster. It’s a diversion so she can get to another part of the ship without being bothered. It also leaves the control panel unguarded. It does have another side effect though. The Tagge brothers’ capsules have been shattered. Baron Tagge is gone. Now the Tagge family is suspect in the explosions. The artificial gravity suddenly stops as well. Princess Leia is ready with a jetpack of sorts. She breaks into Han and Chewie’s cell and gives them propulsion packs. Their only worry now is the tractor beam. They escape in the Falcon and get too far away for the tractor beam to be of any use. Han compliments Leia for their escape. However, Baron Tagge announces his presence. He wants them to go down to Monastery. However, Han doesn’t want a shootout in the cockpit and agrees to go down.

On Monastery it’s now sundown. It’s time for the battle. Darth Vader has realized that she has done this in the hopes of getting rid of two enemies of her family.

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