Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 50

Chapter One. Travelling the galaxy has become harder due to the emperor and his martial law. Lando complains how the Empire has new bases in so many places. Chewbacca still doesn’t trust Lando. He wants to undo the damage he’s done in betraying Han. They get into a tight spot. A rebel blockade runner arrives. Once safe, they learn who is on the rebel ship. It’s Princess Leia and she has bad news. They have to stop looking for Han, at least for now. They wind up on Golraith. a volcano planet. She takes them to the new base in the middle of the volcano. Luke is ill and they don’t know why. They have to wear special masks, so they don’t get what Luke is sick with, The Crimson Forever. Luke came across a ship that had no life forms on it. Everyone inside the ship died of the Crimson Forever. Everyone masks up, but it could be too late. It turned out to be an alien virus. A gem was also found in the ship’s laboratory. It was sealed for transport, but somehow broke open. Everyone exposed is in strict isolation. They leave the contaminated ship intact incase they need to search it again. The rest of the exposed crew had died. Luke is the only one remaining alive. But he may not have much time left. The stone has been scanned, but it’s code cannot be cracked to scan. They have not blown the ship up because they don’t know how the stone onboard will react or if the virus will mutate. They don’t know if the Empire is importing or making more of those stones. It why they sought out Lando and Chewbacca. Princess Leia asks about a certain adventure and Chewbacca gets upset. Chewbacca agrees to tell the tale and C3PO will translate. Meanwhile, in Luke’s mind he is trying to escape the red mist is everywhere. And Vader tells him there is more than mist. Vader wants to fight. Then Obi-Wan and Yoda appear to him as well with advice. They tell him to trust his feelings. He lets Vader kill him and the red explodes.

Chapter Two. Chewbacca’s Story: Rage in the Red Nebula

In the Falcon, Han is upset that they are in a spot because they dropped someone off for the rebel alliance. They have to defend the Falcon against the Empire again. They head into a major shipping lane to hide from the Empire. They land on a planet and hide the Falcon. They are fired on and captured. They are knocked out. When Chewbacca wakes, he finds himself in energy shackles. A droid explains that they are on a ship called “Nova Prince” and have been impressed into service. They are going to the Red Nebula. This is in the unknown. A hologram appears. The character tells them if they cooperate and work hard, they’ll be rewarded handsomely. It also informs them they have been unchained but a single restraint that is charged is on their wrist. It will be used if they don’t obey. Han gets a zap as a demonstration. All the smugglers and vermin on the ship are being tasked with getting two red jewels. This man in the holograph is an exile of the planet that has the two jewels. The system is full of fragments of stars and planets that have exploded and turn to dust. Han then flaunts his flying skills and the Falcon. He’s invited to the bridge to assist with flying through this debris field. Han manages to fly the freighter through the field and get them to the target in one piece. It has a single sun star and planet left. The rest of the system has been destroyed. The ships computers take over for the landing. Everyone disembarks. The goal is not too far from where they landed. Everyone is told they can keep any plunder they take except for the two red jewels. He informs them the two jewels cannot be separated or anyone holding them will be instantly ionized. Han and Chewie head for the temple while the rest plunder everything in sight. Han tells Chewie that while he was flying the ship, he short circuited the bracelets. They find one guard who tells them the legend of the gems. They protect the valley and the planet from destruction. The guard warns them that there is a guardian who lives in the valley as well. It’s a giant gorilla. It catches and kills several of the people trying to steal the jewels. As Han grabs a jewel, the guardian grabs Chewbacca. Han returns to the ship with the jewels and demands. The leader refuses informing Han, he’ll have him killed by the other captives. Before the ship takes off the guardian arrives. With the jewel’s removal, the valley begins to look ghastly. Han asks Chewie to keep the guardian happy while he negotiates. Underground they can see the ship is on course to smash into the planet. Turns out his captor had been trying to bring an end to their lives. The guard is confused as to why they are all still alive now that the jewels are gone. Turns out Han kept the jewels and hid them in the valley. A mercenary tried to make off with one of the jewels and meets his end. The guard/priest reunites the two quickly. The guardian is forced to release Chewbacca once the jewels are back in their place. They provide a small ship to Han and Chewbacca so they can leave the planet. As they fly away, Chewbacca makes him promise to never tell. As translated by C3PO. As the story concludes, someone runs to tell them that Luke has died of the Crimson Forever.

Chapter Three. Against the Scarlet Night!

Lando, Chewbacca and Princess Leia take to the Falcon and head for the Red Nebula. They come out of hyperspace early as a ship is in the way. Chewbacca thinks it could be Boba Fett’s, but Lando assure him otherwise. Princess Leia recognizes that the ship is a House of Tagge mining explorer. She doesn’t think it’s there by accident. The ship is badly damaged, and no life forms are detected. Princess Leia decides the ship needs to be checked. It could have answers. They suit up after attaching and enter the ship. It’s clear everyone died from Crimson Forever. Suddenly, an IG-88 unit comes out and doesn’t like them. They are forced through a series of airlocks. At the end they find Domina Tagge. She informs them she released the Crimson Forever. It was to avenge her brother’s death. She explains that she lead a group to the planet, drove off a guardian and captured the jewels and the priest. Before they fully escaped, they met up with Darth Vader. He took one of the jewels. Before the priest died he unleashed something from the remaining jewel. She wants their suits. Lando decides to give his and inform them it stopped working and is contaminated. Domina thinks it’s a bluff. It gives time to get the airlock open and escape. The gem is left on the ship. They can come back with droids to get it. As they leave, Domina plays her last card. She hints that the damage from the Crimson Forever could be undone. A deal is struck. She learned from the priests that the gems are living beings. They arrived from another part of the cosmos swept in by the cataclysm. When they are together, they radiate wellbeing, but when separated they turn negative and create the Crimson Forever. Reuniting them should reverse all effects. Anyone affected should be revived. They take Domina and the jewel. The two are reunited. Luke comes back to life. Domina is given a ship and she and her bounty hunters leave. Another ship leaves as well. It’ s an Imperial Cruiser that is programmed to go into hyperspace and go out much farther than the galactic rim. It has the two jewels. Princess Leia’s only regret is having to let Domina go. But Lando comforts by telling her that he told the bounty hunters that her scheme involved offenses against the empire there could be a large reward. All were interested.

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