Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 49

A modified Y-Wing comes out of hyperspace in search of a rescue signal’s point of origin. Luke and Leia, as well as R2-D2 and C3PO, are onboard. Luke lands near the downed craft emitting the emergency signal. Luke exits the X-Wing to search the ship. He meets a very large animal coming out of the forest. He takes off a hand with his light saber but the wound seals instantly. He then tries his blaster but the creature suddenly dies. A man fired a gun at it and killed it. He threatens Luke. Leia pops out and asks if he is Prince Denid. She tells him they’ve come to rescue him. Luke asks how he got there, and the prince tells his story. He and his betrothed were forced to flee but the ship was low on fuel and they crashed here. His betrothed died, but the third member of his part is still there with him. It’s someone who was also a Jedi but did not get to become a Jedi Knight. He was gravely injured, and his mind no longer works correctly. Another ship arrives. They quickly load their two passengers to get on their way. On the trip, the Jedi does not like C3PO. Leia brings the prince up to speed on what’s going on. On the prince’s planet, is brother about to take the throne. His ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of the Y-Wing. The prince, Luke, Leia and the Jedi disembark. The prince announces who he is. The coronation is halted. Those who know the prince know it’s him. The one trying to take the throne isn’t happy. Luke and Leia are introduced as other people and are disguised. They run a few tests to confirm Prince Denid is who he says he is. The tests conclude it is Prince Denid. They can’t test Loren (Leia) she states here medi-records where lost when her home planet of Alderaan blew up. The regent and empire attaché are not amused. A large banquet is held in Prince Denid’s honor. Luke (as a bounty hunter) is asked to participate in a ceremonial duel. Suddenly, the duel ends. Zelor is quite skilled. The Prince gives a small speech. The representative from the empire wishes a private conversation with the disguised Luke. She informs him she knows he is not who he says he is. She wants him to kill Prince Lenid and Loren (Leia) tomorrow. She offers to pay him double what the prince paid him. Then she kisses him. He agrees to the deal and leaves. The representative then talks with her other cohorts. She is clearly in charge. Prince Denid is not empire friendly and that is why she wants him taken out. A top priority communication comes in for the regent. The regent is given the late news of the prince being found. He then ends the transmission. He plans to kill everyone and continue ruling the planet himself. Luke tries to get to Leia undetected. He arrives and is in earshot to hear the prince declare his love for Leia and ask her to marry him for real. She tries to speak but he kisses her. The mount animals are being prepared for the ceremony that evening. Luke and Leia ride a pair to have a private conversation. He informs her he’s been hired to kill her and the prince. She’s shocked. She asks why he didn’t tell her last night and informs her it was because she was too busy being romantic with the prince. He leaves angry. 3PO and R2-D2 try to get Jedi some help, but the medical droid says his brain is too damaged. The traditional hunt is prepared. Luke, not sure what to do, meditates in the force. The Jedi feels Luke’s call and goes to help him. C3PO and R2-D2 give chase. The regent finds Luke and knows it is him. He tries to kill him but Luke parries it with his light saber. Somehow, the regent gets his light saber. The Jedi gives his life to save Luke’s. The regent is now dead. The empire representative is a prisoner. Leia officially turns down the wedding. Luke, Leia, the droids and one additional cargo take flight. He has the dead Jedi on board. He says a few words into the force and ejects the coffin of the fallen Jedi.

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