Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 38

A medical supply ship is headed to the rebel alliance. It has two members of the rebels at it’s helm. An Empire ship opens fire on them. Princess Leia thinks the smugglers betrayed them. Luke tells her not to worry as he will jump to hyperspace shortly. They take a major hit as they start the jump. The ship is not doing well. Luke manages to override the system and get out of hyperspace. He thinks the hit damaged the hyperdrive. But where they land has no stars. They are somehow outside of the galaxy. He tries the emergency beacon. Leia points out a single star. The beacon gets a response but not a good one. Luke sees the start Leia is pointing to and is immediately concerned at how fast it’s moving. It’s not a star, it’s alive. It gives off a blinding light. It opens what appears to be a mouth and sucks them in. They can breathe the atmosphere on the ship at least. It’s like a ships docking hold where they are. But the entire thing is organic. Leia is not happy. She feels like they are being watched and studied. They hear a loud laughing. Suddenly, the floor opens up and Leia is going down a slide. She reaches the bottom and works to maintain her composure. Luke arrives moments later. A strange droid like creature approaches and analyzes Luke. He likes Luke’s saber and somehow has a red one. He defeats the droid, but the voice continues, even after the droid lays in pieces. The mechanical voice becomes alarmed. It starts talking about programming. It realizes Luke and Leia are real. Suddenly, vacuum is created that is trying to suck Leia and Luke out of the ship/organic creature. Luke lodges himself against a beam. As Leia starts to fly towards him he grabs her hand to pull her to safety. She tells him to let her go and save himself. He refuses. But then everything stops. They both fall to the floor. The voice comes back. It’s haltingly speaking about caring for each other and love. The voice tells it to follow it. It would like to talk to them and show them what he was before becoming one with the ship. He shows them war. That slowly these ships destroyed each other. His ship was one of the last survivors. But enemies released a plague bomb. He was the only one to make it back to the ship, the rest of his crew and their families were lost. He left is galaxy so someone at least could survive the plague. On the screen it looks as if they are being taken back to their galaxy. The ship/man symbiot is taking them home. The Empire is waiting though. The Empire’s computers are going crazy. They hear the insane laughter. The Empire ship opens fire. The Empire learns it’s a bio-mechanical orgasism that can close off damage instantly. The man in the machine thinks it’s a game that is too real. The man in the machine is shocked to learn it’s real. Anti-matter pods have now been launched at this ship. The ship starts to disintegrate. He tells them they can safely resume their journey as he is finally able to resume his. He tells them their ship has been repaired as well. He chooses to go back to the void as reality is more than he can deal with.

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