Star Wars comic book issue 43

From the Falcon you can see Bespin. It’s not a warm welcome, but a warning shot. Princess Leia is concerned. Chewie also voices his concern. They land and Lando comes out to greet them. He’s not happy to see Han Solo. Han tries to sweet talk him. Lando starts laughing. Lando knows everyone but Leia. He quickly pulls out his charms. Repairs to the ship are discussed. Lando’s doing well with Bespin and his gas mining. C-3PO has fallen behind. He opens a door and shots ring out.

On Dagobah, Yoda takes Luke to the dark side tree. Hesitantly, Luke enters. He sees Darth Vader and they battle.

Back on Bespin, Leia has become concerned about C-3PO as she realizes he’s missing. Han, however, prefers a moment of romance with Leia. They are interrupted by Chewbacca. He enters with a box. It’s C-3PO in pieces. This makes Han suspicious of Lando. He chooses that moment to make an entrance.

Luke is meditating on Dagobah. Luke sees the vision of Han, Leia and Chewbacca in trouble. He is very worried. He seeks Yoda’s counsel. Yoda does not want him to go to provide aide. He feels it would go against what they are trying to do. As Luke’s worry mounts, his friend’s are strolling through Bespin.

Lando gives them a small tour. He explains that he has ensured that the Empire will stay out of Bespin forever. He then opens the door to a dining room where Darth Vader is waiting. Han tries to blast him. Darth Vader easily deflects them. Darth Vader then force pulls Han’s blaster from him. Boba Fett is with Vader as well.

Luke’s worry and concern continue to grow. He decides he has to go and help his friends. The next morning, Obi-Wan’s ghost tries to persuade him to stay and complete his training. He is susceptible to the dark side. He will not be swayed. He does promise to return. Obi-Wan warns him that he’s not full trained, he’s not ready to conquer Darth Vader. He jumps into his X-Wing and flies off.

In Cloud City, Han is being tortured. Boba Fett asks that he not be too damaged so he may collect the bounty that Jabba the Hutt has on his head. Lando asks about Leia and Chewbacca. Vader threatens Lando. Lando’s mood sours. Lando is trying to put C-3PO back together in his cell. C-3PO is awake and one while in pieces. He’s lodging complaint after complaint with Chewbacca. Han is dumped back into the cell with Chewbacca and friends. Lando tries to talk to Han, but he’s not interested. But Lando tells him about a trap and a young rebel named Skywalker who’s on his way. Han is livid that Luke is coming. He’s so angry he punches Lando. Lando decides to no longer try to help. Leia chides him. A strom trooper informs Vader the X-Wing has been sighted. Vader informs Lando this facility should do. He’s confused as it’s just for carbon freezing. Vader speaks of a test. Luke approaches Bespin. Now he hesitates, but it’s too late. Strom troopers bring Han Solo into the room. Vader tells them to put him in the chamber. Boba Fett is concerned. If Han Solo dies, he won’t get the bounty. Leia cries out upset and this triggers Chewbacca. Leia tells Han she loves him. They kiss. Then he’s hauled to the chamber. C-3PO explains he’ll be encased in carbon and well protected if he survives the freezing process. Lando has trouble watching. In another area, Luke has arrived.

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