Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 39

The rebels are now on Hoth. Luke tries to calm his tauntaun who is nervous because of a meteorite. Luke radios Han that he’s going to check out a meteorite that just hit the ground and head back. Han tells him he’s set his markers and is already heading back to base. Luke’s mount freaks out. Suddenly, there’s a Wampa. It knocks Luke out preventing him from checking out the meteorite. It’s not a meteorite but a probe droid from the Empire. Han returns to the hangar. He greets Chewie and asks about the repairs to the Falcon. Chewie is not amused. So Han tells him he’ll go give his report and then come back to help him with repairs. The Major tells him he’s a good man and they’ll be sorry to lose him. He thanks him, but he’s got a price on his head from Jabba the Hut and he has to take care of that. Princess Leia walks up to him. He tells her goodbye. She says nothing at first. Then asks if Luke knows. He won’t find out until he gets back. She tries again to get him to stay by telling him he’s a natural leader and needed. They fight a bit. She storms off. Behind her ice crumbles and a Wampa arm breaks through. Luke wakes up in a snow cave, hung upside down with his light saber out of reach. He tries to relax so he can use the force to grab it. Growls distract him. But he finally calms himself and succeeds. He ignites to cut himself down. As he crashes into the snow a Wampa charges him. He slashes it with his lightsaber and then escapes out into the snow. C-3PO and R2-D2 argue, as R2 turned up the heater in Princess Leia’s quarters causing a lot of water to get into her things. Someone speaks to Han. He’s asked about his communicator. He tells them he turned it off. He’s informed that Luke is still missing. The watch officer confirms this information. Han asks if the speeders are ready. But they don’t work well in the cold of the night. They’ve also had a tauntaun attacked. He heads out on a mount by himself. Luke is trying to walk back to the base, but he falls. Ben comes to him. He tells him he must survive and go to the Dagobah system to train with Yoda. That he is their only hope. As Ben fades, so does Luke. Han finds him shortly after. Han rushes to his side. He makes sure Luke is still alive. He turns to his tauntaun but it has died from the cold. The commlink isn’t working either. They need to find shelter. R2 has positioned himself outside to try and pick up any signal. C-3PO urges him to come in as they are going to close the doors. Princess Leia is updated that all are in except for Han and Luke. The speeders will be ready at dawn. She asks if they have any chance of survival. C-3PO says R2 calculated the odds to be 725 to 1. But that no one needs to know that right now. It’s now morning and a snowspeeder races out. It picks up a faint reading. It switches bands and Han comes on. The Rogue Two unit alerts the Rebel base the pair have been located. Within an hour, Luke is in the medical center. He’s delirious and in a bacta tank. C-3PO hope Luke will be ok, but worries he’s got a short circuit. Princess Leia asls the surgeon droid if Luke will be ok. He informs her he is responding to the bacta and is currently out of danger. She then turns and thanks Han for finding Luke. Han points out they need to learn more about what lives on this planet. R2 moves through a corridor and lets out a shriek. A Wampa broke in and has been stopped. They now need to explore the underground tunnels to get a count of these creatures. The bases scanners finally pick up the probe droid. It takes out a station. A snowspeeder is sent out to investigate. The droid is tracking it. Han and Chewie are tracking the droid. They destroy it. The remaining pieces are brought back. It’s guessed that it’s an Imperial Probe Droid. But with so little left they cannot be sure. The Imperial fleet hovers in space. They think they’ve found something. Two Imperials argue over a fragment of a report from the droid in Hoth. Darth Vader decides yes this is where they are. The pair suggest it could be smugglers. Darth Vader gives the order to proceed to the Hoth system at full speed.

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