Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 44

The carbon freezing chamber stands silent. Lando declares Han alive in perfect hibernation. Darth Vader hands Han Solo over to Boba Fett the bounty hunter. Vader waits for Luke Skywalker to arrive so he can freeze him. He’s informed Luke has just landed. Darth Vader decides he wants a garrison on Bespin. Then he will leave Chewbacca and Princess Leia in Lando’s care. Lando is not happy the deal is being altered again. Luke catches a glimpse of Han’s body in the carbonite and is horrified. He’s spotted and fired on. He easily evades fire. He sees Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO. He calls out and Leia calls back. She tells him it’s a trap to get out of Cloud City. He searches through the halls and winds up in the freezing chamber. He feels Darth Vader’s presence and yells for him to show himself. Vader taunts him. The two begin to battle. Meanwhile, Leia, Lando and company are being escorted elsewhere. They are suddenly surrounded by guards. Lando has had the storm troopers disarmed. Lando informs Leis he is trying to fix a mistake. Chewbacca tries to strangle him. He squeaks out there is still time to save Han because Boba Fett’s ship is still on the platform. They all race to the platform. R2D2 sees them. C-3PO yells for him to join them. He points out Luke can take care of himself for the moment. They reach the platform in time to see Boba Fett’s Slave 1 flying away. Storm troopers appear at the platform and start shooting at them. The group unleashes their frustration on the troopers. Vader and Luke continue to battle in the freezing chamber. Luke gets knocked back towards the chamber but manages to not fall in it. But the chamber still turns on. Darth Vader tries to get Luke to give into his anger, but Ben’s voice (Obi-Wan) cautions him to not give in to his darker emotions. Luke and Darth Vader are face to face once again in the reactor room. Moments later, the room explodes. Luke is hit with a large piece of machinery. He’s blown through the glass. As he falls, he manages to catch a hand on a catwalk. Darth Vader advances on him while taunting him. Luke fights to stay calm. Back at the landing area, the group are still under fire. C-3PO tries to get R2D2 to connect to the system. It enables Lando to get a message out for everyone to evacuate before the Imperials arrive. Back on the catwalk by the reactor, Darth Vader strikes at Luke and severs his light saber hand. The hand and saber fall away. Luke clings to not fall off. Darth Vader taunts him again, trying to get him to turn to the dark side. Thinking he has won, he turns off his lights saber and extends his hand to Luke. They have the conversation:

Luke: Ben told me enough. He told me you killed my father.

Darth Vader: No, Luke, I am your father.

Luke: No! No! That can’t be! It’s impossible!

Darth Vader: Search your feelings, youngster, you know it to be true.

Luke continues to refuse to believe him. Vader tells him that he can destroy the emperor. They could rule together as father and son. Rather than submit, Luke jumps off the platform. Darth Vader watches as Luke falls. He then leaves. The groups escape is still blocked. They manage to get on the Falcon. Once on they lift off. Below Cloud City, Luke is hanging on to a weathervane. It begins to creak and give. Luke pleads to Ben, but it’s Darth Vader who hears him. He requests his ship. He calls to Leia over the force. The Falcon is being chased by three TIE fighters. On the Falcon, Lando is going on about his crew. Leia suddenly says “Luke” questioningly. Leia insists they go back. Then it becomes a command. The sudden turn around shocks the TIE fighters as the Falcon heads back to Cloud City at full speed. At the bottom of the city, the weathervane breaks free, and Luke starts to fall. The Falcon catches him. In the Falcon, Leia and Lando start to argue about the Falcon’s repairs. They need to jump to hyperspace. Vader’s ship is trying to cut them off. On his ship, we learn the hyperdrive was deactivated when their capture was ordered. Darth Vader orders a boarding party to be ready once they get them in the tractor beam. Chewbacca rushes to the repair hatch. R2D2 tells C-3PO he knows what’s wrong. He ignores C-3PO’s whining and heads to a system port. There is a sudden lurch. They hit hyperspace. Darth Vader is not happy. Later, Luke is recovering from an operation where he received a new hand. Lando and Chewy head off to go and save Han Solo. Luke, Leia, R2D2 and C-3PO watch the Falcon fly away.

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