Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 46

Chewbacca and Lando speed to find Han. The warp engine suddenly dies. They fall out of hyperspace and don’t know where they are. They crash into a floating city and land in the forest outskirts. Lando suddenly thinks this could be a good place to take over. Chewie puts him back on track. A beast attacks Chewbacca and then Lando. Both are knocked out. Another monster comes out and stops the first, to save Chewie and Lando. Lando recognizes him from the past. He helped the rebels. He makes clear he is not the man of violence anymore. They are taken to a beautiful city. Then informed that they are in another dimension. They can go back if they want. This man Sun-Childe is a villain, and his side kick is there too. Lando does not understand what is going on. The Empire’s fleet is in the backwater of the universe visiting with it’s backbone. They find what they call a “rent”. They decide to explore it. Sun-Childe then tells his story to Lando. His mystic power allowed him to survive a flame, but then he was trapped and viewed as a god. He created a world from his dreams. He also called out to all those who battled with them. They are their now and demonstrating the best they can be. Lando calls him a coward and hits him. The beast that attacks them comes flying out. All the animals in the forest are manifestations of the evil he has done. Chewie has made a wookie friend there too. A droid starts to speak but Lando tells it to shut up. They get into a disagreement. A little human rage made Lando happy. The Empire ship gets closer to the “rent.” They want the rent widened. Sun-Childe also helps get the Falcon retrieved and repaired. Back in space, they are widening the “rent” for entry. Meanwhile, Lando has a revelation, and the Empire ships break through the rent. Suddenly, Empire ships start firing on them. Reality sets in. Sun-Childe refuses to believe the Empire is there. But then he is forced to either save the rebels or have his world destroyed. The demons from the forest all head into space and attack the Empire ships. Moments later, all the demons disappear. He does make a decision to act though. He offers to save those there before he acts. They all refuse. His dream world explodes into millions of pieces. Both Lando and Chewbacca are shocked at what’s happened. Per Lando, the Empire ships used all their hyperdrive energy to blow it up. Now they are trapped in this dimension. While he could blow up each ship, he won’t. He will leave them there, alive, to honor Sun-Child’s memory. Lando changes course for the “rent.” The leader of the Empire fleet is angry as she was denied death.

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