Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 40

The Rebel base on Hoth is under pressure from the Empire. C3PO and R2D2 fight over the chirps and whistles upsetting the ice creatures (Wampas). Luke is being tended to in the medical center. His wounds have nearly healed. Princess Leia also asks him how he is doing. She tells him she was afraid for him. Luke tries to take advantage of the moment to get romantic with Leia, but C3PO and R2D2 interrupt. Luke tries to talk to Leia about going to Dagobah for training. She misunderstands and explodes at him and storms out. Han comes in. Luke tells him he’s saved him twice now. Han tells him he will be there a bit longer. He blames his delay on the Princess. She is furious with him. Han goads her, and based on her reaction, Luke agrees with Han. A look of hurt flashes across Leia’s face before her mask reappears. She suddenly kisses Luke. Imperial ships start to appear on the outer reaches of the system. They have scanned the system and found an energy field on the sixth planet. It’s strong enough to protect and deflect an attack. The Rebels know they are there. The General’s tactic gave them away, there is no surprise now. Darth Vader is very angry and goes to speak with the Admiral. He gives orders while force choking him to death. Then appoints a new commander. Back on Hoth, Princess Leia is organizing the evacuation. The pilots are worried. Leia tries to reassure him that the ion cannons will help. Han and Chewie are still trying to fix the Falcon. In space, the Imperial ships have picked up the Rebel ships escaping. A Rebel General coordinates the opening of the shield and the firing of the ion cannon. The battle begins. The goal is now to hold off the enemy for as long as possible. Luke and Han say goodbye, as Han is leaving to deal with Jabba and the bounty on his head. Before they can say more, an announcement is made that all pilots need to get to their crafts. Luke heads off to his fighter. C3PO and R2 also say their goodbyes. R2 joins Luke in the ship as his astromech droid. The Rebel forces still at the base prepare for the incoming offensive and battle. They are taken by surprise with giant AT-AT walkers coming towards them. They are advancing on the base and firing on it. The result is devastating. The fighters try to come up with a plan. Direct fire does nothing, the metal is too thick. The AT-ATs pick off fighters quickly. Below in the hangar, even Han and Chewie are feeling the battle outside. Han is worried the ceiling of the hangar is going to come crashing down. Princess Leia accelerates the evacuation. Luke is still flying and comes up with a way to take out a walker. He will hit it with a harpoon and circle around it, tying up the legs and cause it to fall down. His plan works on a walker. The plan gets deployed on another walker. This time the gunners in the walker are ready and open fire. Luke is knocked out of the sky. He crashes. Moments later he wakes up. The Imperial General is in the lead walker. He’s happy with the effect.

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