Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 41

On Hoth, the Rebels are under a major attack, lead by Darth Vader. The walkers are still advancing on the base. Luke, now on the ground, tries to save the generator. He grabs his harpoon gun and light saber from the wreckage and heads towards the nearest walker. He uses the harpoon gun and climbs up the rope. He attaches a concussion charge to the walker and jumps. He just gets clear of the walker as the charges detonate and the walker crumbles. He hopes it bought Leia more time. Han makes his way to the command center to see if Leia is ok. She brushes off his concern, still clearly upset at him. He insists that she get to her ship before the place collapses. C3PO gives the announcement for all to evacuate immediately. Han brings C3PO along too. The generator goes down. The halls are breaking apart, prevent Leia from getting to her transport. Han grabs her arm, and they head towards the Falcon. Chewbacca is waiting at the Falcon, very concerned. Han tells him to fire it up as they need to take off immediately. Darth Vader is on the ground and heading into the base. As the try to bring the Falcon to life, it still has some issues. Princess Leia is not amused. Storm troopers start setting up a cannon to blow up the base with. Han tries to assure her they’ll be fine. He finally gets them up and out of the hangar. Luke sees the Falcon take off and is grateful they are safe. He wonders when he will see them all again. Darth Vader is now on the empty Rebel base. The fleets tracking scanners on the Falcon. Now Han and company have to make it through the Imperial blockade. He takes evasive maneuvers. He snaps at C3PO. Han tells Chewbacca to get ready to hit lightspeed. Leia is a bit worried. C3PO finally pipes up about damages he noticed. In Luke’s fighter, R2 questions where he is going. Luke tells him Dagobah. R2 is concerned but Luke is confident. Han winds up taking refuge in an asteroid field to buy time to make more repairs. Leia is concerned again. She assures him doing this is not required to impress her. He easily enters the field, but the TIE fighters following have issues and mostly explode. On Vader’s ship, his commander requests permission to enter his chambers. As he approaches, the helmet is put back on Vader’s head. He informs Darth Vader that the Falcon has entered an asteroid field. He wants that ship, no excuses. The asteroid field is proving challenging.

Han, “Well, your worship, you said you wanted to be there when I was wrong.”

Leia, “I take it back.”

They have to get out of the field very soon. He lands on one of the biggest asteroids in the field. The TIE fighters still follow. They find a large cave and fly into it. Luke has arrived at Dagobah and is preparing to land. He manages to land, after going through a few trees.

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