Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 48

Princess Leia and Viscount Tardi visit the planet Aargau. It’s a banking planet. They request the pair speak into the microphone to record their intentions. She plainly announces they are there to secure financing for the purchase of new X-Wing fighters for the rebel alliance. Tardi states he is there to help facilitate it as he is well versed in their protocol. They pass by exit customs. They have many precious metals and have to make sure no one is trying to sneak them off planet. However, they do have to stop off at an entrance location to learn the customs and primary laws of the planet. The laws are just three. Before they take another step, Darth Vader appears. He and Leia have a quick argument. He introduces the three he has with him. She easily identifies the three with him as members of the assassin’s guild. Suddenly, there is a smuggler alert. The man being scanned has gold on two of his ribs. He’s killed. Darth Vader heads off to his business. Leia knows Vader is only there to stop the X-Wing loan from happening. He will kill Tardi to accomplish that. The next morning as they head to the first meeting, Darth Vader and his companions are atop the bridge they drive under. He jumps onto their car to rip it apart. Leia calls for the diplomatic pouch. She opens it and removes an item she uses on him. She vaporized him. She explains what she has: a gravitational field disruptor. She didn’t vaporize him, just changed his relative density. He’s now headed to the planets core. Vader’s other two goons are not happy at being used as pawns. They arrive at the garden of butterflies. C3PO tells R2D2 about his days as a translator droid at events like this. C3PO starts identifying the butterflies to Princess Leia. He identifies a red butterfly that is venomous. Princess Leia instructs R2D2 to fire the retardant spray. It falls to the ground and Princess Leia promptly squashes it. Darth Vader taunts Princess Leia again about the loan taking another day. Vader’s last henchmen focuses on Tardi. There is an explosion. R2D2 has been projecting a hologram of Tardi’s face on the final henchmen. All three taken care of, Vader stalks away. Vader sends a message to Princess Leia and Tardi via C3PO’s mechanic for a meeting. They attend without C3PO. He makes clear he’ll rattle the diplomatic cage if they don’t forsake the loan and leave. They refuse and Vader pulls out his light saber and strikes. Leia pulls out a gun. Vader has killed Tardi. However, Tardi is a droid. The real Tardi died over a month ago. She explains how she set a trap for Vader. R2D2 recorded Darth Vader killing Tardi and also transmitted it to C3PO. Vader becomes angry. She informs him the loan has already gone through. The Crown Jewels of Alderaan were presented as collateral and verified on the spot. She needed Vader to kill Tardi in a natural way as the droid would not pass-through exit customs and the loan would be voided. She knew Vader couldn’t leave his lightsaber behind. He then informs her his real goal was to steal the Crown Jewels of Alderaan as they back their money. He only wanted to meet to rub it in her face.

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