Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 42

Darth Vader pursues the Falcon. Luke us unaware of what is happening to his friends. Luke is on Dagobah. He replays Obi-Wan’s words in his head. He is already worried about how difficult leaving this planet will be as his plane is in the water. Yoda surprises him. Yoda asks why he is there. He tells him he’s looking for a great warrior. Yoda comes down to his camp and takes his food concentrate stick. Yoda offers to feed him and help him find his friend. Luke clarifies that he’s not looking for a friend but a Jedi Master. Yoda gets a little excited and tells him that it’s Yoda he seeks. He’ll take him to Yoda. Luke and R2-D2 follow Yoda.

In space, Imperial cruisers are bombing the asteroid field trying to flush out the Falcon. They miss. The Falcon is hidden in a cave on a larger asteroid. C-3PO informs Han there is a problem. They all have to work together to fix it. Han and Leia have a heated conversation. It turns into a passionate kiss. She breaks away. Up in the field, Darth Vader refuses to give up the pursuit. However, the emperor wants to talk to Darth Vader. The two speak via holo. The Emperor has news. There is a grave disturbance in the force. It’s Skywalker’s son. He commands Darth Vader to destroy him. Darth Vader points out he’s a boy, not a Jedi. The Emperor tells him he is strong with the force and could be an ally if he could be turned. Darth Vader decides that the boy will join them or die.

Back on Dagobah, Yoda has many questions for Luke. Luke only wants to find Yoda. Yoda speaks to him about his father. Yoda suddenly exclaims he cannot teach this boy because he has no patience. Suddenly, Obi-Wan’s voice is heard. Obi-Wan and Yoda discuss the boy. Luke realizes this is Yoda. Yoda is unsure if he should train Luke. Yoda protests more to Obi-Wan. They finally begin training.

Back on the Falcon, Han has felt things crawling around on the ships hull. He and Chewie go outside to chase off anything too close. They find a dead mynock. The interior of the cave does not look like normal cave. It’s spongey and wet. Han shoots at a wall. His growing is realized. They power up the Falcon and instead of flying out of a cave opening, they fly out of a mouth. They were in somethings stomach. Princess Leia realizes only as they barely escape. It’s a giant slug of some kind.

On Dagabah Luke’s training is exhausting. He complains to Yoda. Yoda tells him to forget previous ways of measuring and to learn new ones. Luke’s training slowly improves. Some areas are still lacking. He cannot use the force to lift is X-Wing. Yoda continues teaching him, though both are frustrated. Yoda raises the X-Wing.

Luke: Master, I don’t believe it!

Yoda: That is why you fail.

Back in space, Darth Vader brings in some bounty hunters to help him track his quarry. He informs them the reward will be great for the Falcon. He informs one there is to be no disintegrations. Someone joins them on the bridge and informs Darth Vader that they have them. The Falcon is not doing so well. Princess Leia is angry and C-3PO keeps delivering bad news. Han comes up with a new plan. To turn the ship around and fully power the front shields. C-3PO is not happy about it. Neither are the people on the Imperial ships bridge. They freak out worried about a collision. The Falcon suddenly disappears. The Falcon has attached itself to part of the Imperial cruiser where they cannot be seen. The cruisier commander goes to report to Darth Vader to report his news and likely be force choked to death.

On Dagobah, Luke is having some success. Yoda is happy about his progress. Luke is letting anger take over and Yoda stops him. He says,

Yoda: No! No! Anger, fear, aggression… The dark side of the force are they. Easily do they flow… Quick to join you in a fight. Beware… A heavy price is paid for the power the bring. Easier, quicker, more seductive is the dark side… But once you start down that path, forever will it dominate! Consume you it will! As it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice…

Luke listens to what Yoda tells him. He’s not the only one frustrated.

On Darth Vader’s cruiser, he is informed that the Falcon has disappeared. He wants all commands alerted and every possible destination along their last trajectory calculated. He instructs the fleet be broken up and sent to those destinations to search. Each ship begins to leave the area via lightspeed.

On the Falcon, Princess Leia is not amused. Han explains that before an Imperial ship jumps to lightspeed it dumps its garbage. They will float with the garbage when it’s dumped.

Leia: Not bad, Flyboy! You do have your moments… not many, but you do have them.

He checks the computer to figure out where they are. The Bespin system is close. His friend Lando Calrissian is there. Leia worries if he can be trusted. Han tells her probably not but they go way back and he is not a supporter of the Empire.

As the Falcon separates from the garbage, a second ship does as well. It’s bounty hunter Bobba Fett’s ship, Slave 1.

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