Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 47

C3PO: Artoo—I don’t care if the odds against our escaping are 25,215 to 1! Just keep running!

C3PO and R2D2 are running for their lives. They stop short of falling into a steaming pit. They struggle to not fall in and melt.

On a Rebel ship, Luke is shown new Empire weapons: All terrain armored walkers. It’s called a warbot. R2D2 is trying to catalog everything he can about this warbot they captured. His connection is lost when he receives a jolt that throws him backward. The warbot gets fried in the process. The warbots are being made out by Kligson’s Moon, on a manmade world with only one human Droid World. As they near, they learn it has a very strong defensive system. It detected an organic life form and is threatening to kill it. Luke tells the voice warning them that he is turning around. He gets Kilgson himself. Who informs him he no longer trusts humans after the clone wars. He’s now a cyborg. C3PO tells him that they have a droid they want him to take a look at that needs repair. He informs them he likes a challenge. He tells them there are two rules: no organics and he keeps anything he repairs. He sends over a shuttle. Luke is wary because they can’t get information if he keeps it. C3PO suggests that he and R2D2 go with the unit. They can get the full schematic. Luke reluctantly agrees. Once docked at Droid World, the damaged droid is hauled to an examining unit. Once scanned Kligson is not impressed. He indicates that the master droid is to remove the restraining bolts on the two droids so they can stay on Droid World. C3PO protests and explains they are both quite happy working for the rebel alliance. He instructs his droid to bring the two to him. He want’s to examine droids that are happy to work under humans. C3PO tries to talk their way back to the ship, to no avail. This red droid was an experiment by Tagge that they found unsatisfactory. Now it’s on Droid World. C3PO has a little hope now. R2D2’s sensors pick up something and he follows after the red droid. C3PO arrives alone, not realizing R2D2 has moved away from him. Kligson is not happy. R2D2 has discovered the warbot droid is not being melted down after all. They are taking parts off it to outfit another one they have. Now it will be fully functional. R2D2 watches as the warhead is removed from the damaged unit to be put on the functioning unit. The red droid continues talking about plans but is interrupted. R2D2 makes a run for it. The red droid gives the command to hunt R2D2 down. Meanwhile, C3PO tries to have a debate with Kligson about Luke and the rebels versus the Empire but it falls on deaf ears. R2D2 races in and tells C3PO and Kligson what is going on. Kligson is powerless to stop the droids. He is killed and the big red droid assumes power. C3PO and R2D2 try to make an escape. As the warbot approaches, R2D2 uses fire extinguishing spray to mess its aim up. They make a run for it. They wind up at cliff edge. R2D2 wants to jump and take C3PO with him and use his thrusters for escape. They are caught by magnets first. They are taken to the top, where Kligson is waiting. He informs them that it was a duplicate droid of him that was killed. He had suspected the red droid was up to something for a while. Their need of his skills allowed him to draw out the truth. Now a robot versus robot Armageddon has begun. Kligson helps C3PO and R2D2 get back to their ship. Later, Luke is happy that they have the schematic. C3PO feels bad for Kligson and his safety. But they see something good as well. Kligson has powered up his Droid World and is moving to a new location.

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