Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 35

Darth Vader is hunting for Luke Skywalker. He radios the captain of his ship to prepare to depart. He is now going to take action. Back on the cruiser, he wants a meeting set up with General Tagge. They meet. Vader congratulates him on now having the title of Baron. They have a rather testy conversation. General Tagge spills the beans about the towers and trying them out on the rebels to gain favor away from Vader. Somehow, the rebels turned it against them. His brothers ship was destroyed as well. He retells the tale to Darth Vader. Vader has the bodies of his two dead brothers. However, Vader informs him that his brothers’ lives can be restored. Vader makes clear that if the House of Tagge continues to work against him, they will not be much longer. The General agrees not to work against Vader. He doesn’t want his sister to have to take on the title of Baron as she is still young. Vader’s second in command is surprised that he didn’t crush them. He prefers to be the master of the force. He’s now turned the Tagge family into his pawns. Luke and his team of X Wings are out on patrol. They find an Imperial Battle Cruisier that is preparing to jump to lightspeed. Luke is remined that General Dodonna gave them orders not to engage. Han and Chewie are telling Princess Leia a story. She hears some commotion and would rather go and find out what is going on. Her leg was injured on her last mission. It’s now almost healed and she can walk again. Leia asks where this ship came from. C3PO informs all that Master Luke rescued it. People and nonhumans emerge from the ship. The leader introduces herself as Sister Domina of the Sacred Circle. They seek the rebel’s council and possibly aid. She grabs Luke and proclaims they did not make a mistake in coming there. The sister informs them that their peaceful and neutral world has been reached out to by the Imperials. Leia steps in discussing the damage Imperial sway has done to many planets. The sister wanted to hear both sides. The faction of the Empire that is on her planet is Darth Vader. Luke insists on going. General Dodonna finally lets him go as Leia’s bodyguard. However, the sister decides that Luke will be the representative, as only Darth Vader was admitted. The next day the decision is final. Leia is upset. Dodonna tells her that R2D2 is programmed with a number of convincing proofs against the Empire. He also informs her that while the monastery is off limits, they can still put a ship in the system for back up. Han and Chewbacca are in the Falcon and coming out of lightspeed into the system. Leia is not amused. Leia insists that C3PO make a communication connecting with R2D2. He succeeds but R2 tells him he’s too busy to talk right now. On the planet, Monastery, it looks like a giant dragon is attacking. Luke is just grateful he was able to bring is lightsaber, since there is a weapon ban on the planet. Once killed, the animal is identified. It lives in the rainforest and is not normally out during the day. But Darth Vader steps in and says its an omen of how disruptive a rebel can be. Luke is overcome with the desire for revenge against Darth Vader. R2 has to remind him why he is there. He now has himself under control. Darth Vader is happy that the sister has brought Luke as a representative. Luke is worried he’s not the right person for the job. But the sister tells him he is and kisses him on the cheek. He’s taken to the high temple where quarters have been arranged. The meeting will happen the next day. Luke starts talking out loud in his quarters. He is not aware that everything he’s saying is being transmitted back to the rebel base. Leia asks C3PO to stop, to save Luke any embarrassment. The sister speaks with Vader. She points out that he brought the Nightshrike attack and Luke did not expose it. She reveals she is about to betray the sisters of the circle. She wants to avenge two of her brothers that were killed. She is a Tagge. She is the sister General Tagge mentioned. Darth Vader leaves her and walks out on a balcony. He’s confident that he’s done what is needed and the pieces are in place.

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