Family Matters S01, Ep22 – Rock Video

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Rock Video
Original Air Date: April 27, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: Did you think of me while you were camping?
Laura: Yeah, every time I used the bug spray.

* Mother Winslow: Once Carl has made up his mind the best thing to do is stand back and watch him fall.

* Steve: This is going to be the biggest bomb since Howard the Duck.

* Harriet: That wasn’t a rock video. That was a love letter from Eddie Winslow to Eddie winslow.

* Carl: When a man decides to go on an ego trip, he usually winds up going alone.

Synopsis: The family has just returned from a camping trip and are greeted by Steve. He accidently inflates the raft. That afternoon Laura and Judy come into the kitchen and are afraid Carl is paying bills. Instead he’s doing the taxes. Harriet comes home to find Carl doing taxes. Harriet has given Eddie’s band permission to practice. Mother Winslow is dancing. They are prepping for a video shoot. Rachel is going to choreograph. They relocate to the garage where Steve marches in playing the accordion. No one is happy about Steve until he volunteers to shoot the video. Meanwhile, Carl is still trying to do the taxes and failing. The video starts and Eddie wants it to be all about him. Later, everyone is in the living room to watch the video. No one is pleased. Steve tells them the instructions Eddie gave him and everyone quits. In the kitchen, Carl has finished the taxes. Harriet arrives. She had his brother do their taxes. When she tells him they are getting a refund he’s thrilled. Carl goes out to check on Eddie. They have a heart to heart. At dinner Carl suggests they all help Eddie make the video. He agrees but only if Aunt Rachel rewrites the lyrics. It’s now time for the results. They win the contest.

Crimimal Minds S01, Ep22 – The Fischer King part 1

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Fischer King part 1
Original Air Date: May 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” -Elbert Hubbard

Synopsis: We see a large, older brick home. Inside, a girl is being held prisoner. At the BAU, Elle and Derek are discussing their vacation plans. Everyone runs out the door. The man holding the female prisoner has photos of all the team members. He gives his captive an ominous message. Elle and Derek go to Jamaica to his friend’s resort. They both find some romance. Hotch, is happily cleaning out the garage. At Gideon’s cabin, he is cooking up a fantastic meal. Garcia is in her office playing an online game as JJ comes in. Garcia tells her about the man she plays this game with. Reid has gone to see his Mom. Back at the resort, Elle is enjoying her romance. At Hotch’s he and Haley relive memories. At the cabin, Gideon is romancing Sarah. Hotch gets a strange call. At the resort, there’s blood. They find a dead body in a room. In Garcia’s game all hell breaks loose as she gets hacked. Gideon’s weekend gets interrupted by a delivery. At the resort they follow the blood trail to Elle’s room. Gideon receives a head in a box. Elle gets arrested. They interrogate her. Derek comes to her defense s they check out a room. They learn man who is dead checked in with another and he’s missing. Garcia is fixing her computers as Morgan calls. She goes on a rant. Gideon goes to the office and finds everyone is affected. Hotch arrives to rescue Elle. The man was killed before Elle arrived. JJ finds a package in her office. Reid goes back to see his Mom and is told there’s package for him. We see the female being held prisoner and she is sick. Elle, Morgan and Hotch arrive at the office. JJ gives them the run down on the two men. The team reviews. They realize that this unsub knew where everyone was. Garcia comes in and tells them what happened to her system. She also found the hacker. It’s the same name as the guy who checked in with the dead man. They go to the address. All they find is a sword. But the sword is right through Giles chest. The clues left make no sense till Reid arrives. He solves the clue and they find another in the wall. It’s a box and the key sent to Reid opens it. They find a note and a dvd labeled, “Thy Quest.” They watch the video and no one is amused. Gideon is distraught. Haley comes by. She’s brought him a delivery. They fill her in on the case a bit. The paper is full of numbers. Reid determines it’s a book cipher. They now know who they need to save. The hair matched a missing person. Gideon wants a press conference. The unsubs sees the conference and is not happy. They go over the clues again to try and figure it out. Hotch sends an exhausted Elle home with an agent. Elle arrives home and passes out on the couch. A man walks up on her with a gun. She goes for her gun and he fires. To be continued…

The X Files S01, Ep22 – Born Again

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Born Again
Original Air Date: April 29, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Officer: Agent Scully, he’s been dead for 9 years, which means that little girl saw a ghost.

* Scully: Because sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.

* Scully: I told you it was a signature hit.
Mulder: Give me the grizzly details.

* Mother: What’s going on?
Scully: All we know is that your daughter has witnessed two deaths in the last two days.

* Scully: You think he’s back later Peter Proud to avenge his murder?

* Mulder: Short of her growing a mustache, how much more apparent does it have to become for you to accept it?

Synopsis: At a police station a female office is just getting off. She spots a child in the alley alone. She brings her back in for another office to talk with her. The child makes eye contact with the male officer and he suddenly flies out the window and lands on a car, dead. They call in Mulder and Scully. They try to get background on the officer. The little girl told the female office a man threw the officer out of the window. They use a computer artist rendering to try and figure out who the man is. The computer system has a strange glitch. Scully speaks with her mother. Her mother tells her she’s not like other kids her age. Mulder shows her the sketch of the man but she doesn’t recognize it. Scully heads back for an autopsy. Mulder suspects that the child has psychokinetic powers. He talks to her psychiatrist. She starts looking at him like he’s nuts and kicks him out. Scully begins the autopsy. When she uncovers him she finds what looks like burns. The female office arrives and she found a facial match. But the officer who it matches has been dead for 9 years. She brings the case file to Mulder at the station. He asks for the details of what happened to the officer. His injuries are the same thing that the little girl keeps doing to the dolls in therapy. The two begin investigating that murder. They speak with his former partner and don’t get much. The officer they spoke with, Tony, speaks with another person. He’s very freaked out. Turns out they were involved in Charlie’s murder. That night a bus picks up the man the Tony met with. When he gets off his scarf somehow gets stuck in the doors. The bus drivers sees it but when he tries to stop the bus he can’t. He winds up being hanged and dies. The little girl is on the bus. The mother comes down to the station. The female office tells Mulder that the man who just died used to be Barbola’s partner. The only connection is the drug bust in Chinatown. So the two dig into that case. Tony gets another visit. His wife tells them he never came home last night. They have an origami collection. Turns out they were made by her ex-husband, Charlie Morris. He’s the officer killed in the Chinatown hit. The little girl finally gets hypnotized. She’s reliving Charlie Morris’s death. Scully is not happy about the results. Mulder rewatches the taped video of it, he finds some weird static. At Tony’s house, there is a knock on the door. His wife thinks it might be him. She opens the door and finds a origami giraffe. Mulder has a tech check the video. He confirms that the image was actually recorded there. The female officer comes in with the pathologist’s records of Charlie’s autopsy. He was murdered by drowning. Tony finally arrives home. He wants her to run away with him. The little girl is at the window. The tech has managed to pull the image. It’s a diver from Charlie’s saltwater tank. Mulder believes he was killed in his own fish tank. Back at Tony’s the power goes out. He goes downstairs with a gun. A power cord wraps around his legs and he loses his gun. The little girl appears. Mulder and Scully arrive at Tony’s house. They hear a racket and the wife is screaming. Scully finds another door that they are able to get in. Tony starts talking to the little girl like he’s Charlie. They make it in the house and the wife is screaming she’s trapped. Scully lets her out. They both come down stairs. Tony then confesses that he knew what they did to Charlie and that he was a part of it. Suddenly, there’s a bright light and even the fish tank is going crazy. The wife asks him to stop. The fish tank explodes. A gun was in the tank along with the diver. Tony plead guilty to quite a few charges involving Charlie’s death. The little girl has now gone completely back to normal.

Bones S01, Ep22 – The Woman in Limbo

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Woman in Limbo
Original Air Date: May 17, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Zack: There are thousands of human remains down there waiting to be identified. Limbo seems an appropriate name.

* Booth: That is Christine Brennan.
Dr. Goodman: Good God.
Booth: We just found Bones’s mother.

* Zack: Technically, your mother has been at the Jeffersonian as long as you have.

* Booth: We’re going to find out what happened to your mom, ok?

* Angela: Hey, you finally got to slap Russ. You’ve been wanting to do that for years.

*Bones: If you keep bringing Chinese food in the middle of the night we’re both going to get fat.

* Zack: We’re all here. No one’s leaving till we figure out what happened to your mom.
Bones: Thank you.

* Booth: You’d be surprised what she can prove.

Synopsis: Dr. Goodman tries to persuade Bones to check out a set of bones. The team rallies around her with questions about other cases. Her boyfriend also stops by. He’s thrilled with her newest manuscript. When she heads back to get her notes, Angela’s reconstruction causes her to become upset. She runs on the platform setting off the alarm. She goes through the evidence that was with the remains. The belt buckle she clearly recognizes. The remains are her mother. Booth checks on Bones. Zack comes in with the files. Booth comes over quite late and brings a lot of Chinese food. He tells her he did work on the case, but there wasn’t much to go on. He offers to start a real case now. She tells him all that she can remember. Booth finds out that Bones mom was living under an assumed identity, her whole family was. Booth goes and has a chat with Russ. Hodgins is able to date some of the material found with her mother. She’s not happy. Bones finds cause of death. Booth walks in with Russ. Her mom died from a blow to the head. She was murdered. Booth lets Angela know that he’s going to send Russ to her to describe people for her to draw. Booth takes off to check out the family car. He takes Russ and Bones with him. It turns out the real first name was Keenan not Brennan. Bones gets upset. Her real name was Joy. Bones talks to Angela. We learn why she’s been so upset with Russ for so long. Booth tracks down the agent assigned to her parent’s case. She briefs Booth, Bones and Russ. Russ can’t believe that his parents were bank robbers. The lab tech interrupts and tells them he found two different blood samples in the car. Russ meets with Angela. Angela tells Russ how upset Bones is with him. He tells her about the promise his dad made him make. It triggers a memory and he describes him for her. In the middle of the night Booth brings more Chinese food. She heads to the lab and finds everyone there. When Bones and Zack look closer, it look about a year for the head wound to kill her. She slept on her couch in her office. Booth gets a blood match on a protected file. Booth gets the information he wanted. They go pay the man a visit. He’s got three guns on him. He was there when her mother got hit in the head. He tells them her father did it. He tells them he was having an affair with her mother. Bones becomes very emotional. Booth think he was lying. Booth gives them another story to make them feel better. He plans to search the farm with a warrant he will get because he’s not allowed weapons. Russ finally tells her how hurt he is too. Turns out he grew up on a farm. Bones thinks there could be something else going on. They find a bolt stunner. It’s likely what was used on her mom. He then gives her an ultimatum. Booth lets Bones drive. He’s proud of her for pissing off a hitman. She winds up driving to the fair where Russ works. She brought Russ the marble. She patches things up with him and they share a hug. He agrees to come back for a few days. Russ tells them about his girlfriend and the two daughters. She plays a message on her machine. It’s her dad telling he to stop looking for him. He’s not dead.

The Golden Girls S01, Ep 22 – Job Hunting

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Job Hunting
Original Air Date: March 9, 1986

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iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 1 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: That’s great. If she learned to catch a frisbee in her teeth she can find work as a Golden Retriever.

* Dorothy: Nice to meet you Milton. I live her, you don’t.

* Sophia: If you have to go out tomorrow ask those crybabies not to call during The Young and the Restless.

* Rose: Why, oh, why can’t grief take a holiday?

* Blanche: I already lost one pound.
Sophia: In your dreams.

* Sophia: He’s a man. It’s not like sharing a yogurt.

Synopsis: Blanche is singing in the kitchen. Sophia comes in and is upset because there is no pepperoni. Dorothy comes in and she’s in a fabulous mood. But Rose comes in with bad news. Her counseling center has closed and she doesn’t have a job anymore. They all try to console her. But she only seems to care about the misplaced patients. It’s another day and Dorothy finds a complete stranger on the lanai. Rose comes out. Dorothy thinks it’s Rose’s boyfriend. It turns out to be a patient from the center. Rose tells Dorothy she hasn’t even started looking for work. Dorothy gets a message that Barry Glick is in town. She had the hots for him in school. Late that night, Dorothy wakes Rose for a phone call. Now the whole house is awake. They all discuss Rose and her situation. They try and intervention. However, Rose tells them the truth. She’s had lots of interviews but no one has been willing to hire her. Dorothy and Blanche go to her room and try to comfort her. Dorothy punches up her resume. Rose feels better and they all go to the kitchen. They have a feast. While they feast they talk about their love life until the morning. It’s another day and Milton is making a pass at Blanche. They make a date. Dorothy is excited about going on a second date with Barry Glick. However, it turns out that Barry is gay. Rose comes home. She got a new job as a waitress. Blanche and Dorothy are shocked, but they finally support her.

The Nanny S01, Ep21 – Frannie’s Choice

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Frannie’s Choice
Original Air Date: April 27, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Everyone’s got their own life but me.

* Fran: Happy is not a good color on that woman.

* Max: No one could every replace you Miss Fine.

* Fran: Do we have to tell the children?
Max: I think they’ll notice you’re missing.

* Max: The incredible thing was you let her get away.
Niles: Yes, I was remarkably stupid, wasn’t I sir?

* Max: You think it’s easy for us to watch you walk out that door and throw your life away on that Neanderthal.

Synopsis: Fran is fixing a teddy bear for Grace. Max comes in in a tuxedo. Niles runs off to his butler’s meeting. Everyone heads out but Fran. Val pops over. Val tells her that Danny broke up with Heather and has been asking about her. She will talk to him, and be the one to do the dumping. Val gets Danny to come out. The kids are with Fran as well. He tries to apologize and fails miserably. He starts kissing her. She turns to leave and he proposes to her. She tells him she has to think about it. Fran goes to her mother to tell her the good news. But her mom thinks it’s Max who proposed. When she tells her it’s Danny her mom is not happy. They talk about dating. Fran is unsure, she just keeps thinking about the kids. She decides to marry Danny. Back at the house, Niles is very upset about losing Fran. Niles makes Fran tell Max she is getting married. CC is so excited she practically offers to pay for everything. Max is upset that she is marrying Danny after how he treated her. But he offers to pay for her honeymoon. She doesn’t want to tell the kids, but Max makes her. The kids get upset. CC starts singing and everyone runs for it. Max starts interviewing nannies to replace Fran. Max keeps comparing the applicants to Fran. Niles tells him a story to try and get him to wake up. It’s the day of Fran’s leaving. CC comes in singing and happy. Fran comes down the stairs with her make up bag. The doorbell rings and Danny yells through the door. He comes in for introductions. Danny and Fran have a little fight. Grace wrote a poem for Fran. Everyone pretends to be happy for her except Brighton. The truth comes out. Fran doesn’t want to go. Fran dumps him. Then he hits on CC. Fran stays and they all go out to celebrate.

Family Matters S01, Ep21 – Bowl Me Over

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Bowl Me Over
Original Air Date: April 6, 1990

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iTunes Family Matters, Season 1 – Family Matters

Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: Hi Laura, my photogenic little fox.

* Carl: Oh no, there’s two of them.

* Laura: Eddie, I didn’t beat you. I crushed you.

* Harriet: Rachel, will you forget about picking up those two guys and pick up that spare?
Rachel: I can do both, you know.

* Carl: Harriet, I want a rematch.
Harriet: Uh huh, so does Mike Tyson.

* Laura: Someday, when you’re least expecting it, you’re going to wake up with some hair missing.

* Steve: She touched me Carl. I can’t breathe. All the pins look like Laura.

Synopsis: Laura and Eddie are looking at their school photos as Steve comes in. He wants to exchange photos but Laura is not so excited. When he decides to stay, she gives him two. Steve gives her a life size stand up photo. Carl comes in and sees the stand up and thinks there are two Steve Urkels. Another day, Carl comes home and is upset about his day. Eddie and Laura come in the kitchen as well. Eddie is upset that Laura beat his high score in a video game. He says something sexist. Carl takes Eddie outside for a chat. He talks some sense into him. Eddie tries to get along with Laura on it. She enjoys rubbing her victory in. That night, the family goes bowling. Rachel picks up a spare as Carl brings snacks to the lane. Carl is happy until Steve shows up. Steve is a good bowler. He starts trying to coach Carl. Harriet can win if she bowls three strikes in the 10th frame. She gets the first strike. Then a second strike. She gets the third strike for the turkey and the win. He’s a sore loser. He demands a rematch. They get home late and Carl gloats about winning. The kids start fighting too. He takes it too far. She then tells him she let him win and has been for a while. His ego goes too far and both Harriet and Rachel lose their temper. Harriet lays down a bowling challenge. They all go back to the bowling alley. Back at the bowling alley it’s the men versus the women. Eddie starts cheating. Laura then distracts Steve to give the women’s team the edge. He’s so distracted he flies down the lane with the ball. They finally get to the last frame. As Carl throws the last ball the power goes out. The winner cannot be determined. When they get home, they are still fighting. Mother Winslow comes out to yell at them. They finally start talking to each other. Everyone goes to bed but Harriet and Carl. They compromise at a tie. But then Carl speaks up and tells her she shouldn’t have to do less than her best just to protect his ego.

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