Family Matters S01, Ep20 – The Candidate

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: The Candidate
Original Air Date: March 23, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: Rachel, you’re not going to go off the deep end with this ecology thing, are you?

* Laura: Since when you do spell Eddie with one d?

* Laura: Well unless we find a picture of Margie on a yacht with Gary Hart, we’re dead meat.

* Urkel: She’s a real nerd.
Laura: You’re calling her a nerd?

* Harriet: Rachel, this place looks like a recycling center.
Rachel: It is a recycling center.

* Rachel” I’m sorry I jumped off the deep end, again.

* Carl: How did your parents ever survive her wonder years?

* Eddie: Margie will make a much better president than me.
Laura: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Synopsis: Steve is posing as a Greek God for Eddie. Laura comes down and is grossed out. After school Eddie and Rodney come home to announce that Eddie is going to run for student council. Rachel tells Eddie that women are attracted to men in power, so this seals the deal. Later that night, Rachel comes in the kitchen with empty soda cans. She then flips out when Carl tries to put whipped cream on his pie. It’s another day, and Rodney and Eddie are working on campaign slogans. Laura helps out. Eddie makes her his campaign manager. In the kitchen, Rachel has a bunch of garbage cans for recycling in the kitchen. Harriet is not amused. That night, Laura brings Eddie in and he’s in a suit and practicing for his campaign. Rodney bursts in and tells them that he arranged a debate for Eddie. Laura tries to choke him but Eddie stops him. Steve comes over. She tries to kick him out but he stays. He hums loudly. Eddie mentions the campaign. Steve tells them that he knows her. It’s time for the debate and Laura tries to prep Eddie. Rodney has prepared some of the students to sabotage Margie. The debate begins and Eddie tries to get on the moderator’s good side. Back at the house, Harriet and Carl enter the kitchen to find it a disaster. Rachel has turned it into a recycling center. They have an emotionally charged discussion about recycling. Rachel apologizes and promises to clean it up. Back at the debate, Margie is being sandbagged. However, Eddie gets upset and stops them. He withdraws from the race. Eddie arrives home to find Laura ticked off. He wanted to win honestly not because of dirty tricks. She admits that winning went to her head.

Criminal Minds S01, Ep20 – Charm and Harm

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: Charm and Harm
Original Air Date: April 19, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.” – Voltaire

* Gideon: “We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

Synopsis: A man is eating a steak while talking to a woman he’s clearly kidnapped. At the BAU, the guys are teasing Elle about a possible boyfriend. JJ briefs them about a series of murders. They’ve been called in because the police let an identified serial killer get away. On the plane, they get additional briefing on the subject. When they arrive in Tampa, they hit the ground running. The team starts to learn about him by interviewing everyone in his life. Hotch and Elle learn he was previously married. Gideon and Reid go to his house to profile it. His closet is fo great interest. Reid discovers that he is trying to disguise himself. Back at the hotel, he’s killing a woman as room service arrives. Garcia finds information about the marriage. It only lasted 23 days. At the taskforce, the team delivers the profile. A call comes in. The missing woman’s body has been located in Georgia. Elle and Derek head to the scene. Derek points out that this victim is the first with no connection to him. In an airport parking garage, he starts targeting another woman, but others in close proximity gets too close and he moves on. Garcia finds the ex-wife. She tells Hotch what marriage was like. Reid and Gideon visit his father. They learn his mother died when she was 10. She drowned in a car crash. In another hotel, Mark has a new victim. Back at the taskforce center, they learn that his girlfriend and first kill was cheating on her husband with him. Garcia finds security footage from the airport garage. JJ delivers a press conference. Reid and Gideon try and theorize what is making him kill. The next body surfaces in South Carolina. Reid comes to the realization that since the press conference he might have completely changed his appearance and MO. Elle and Derek go to the new crime scene. He’s now spending half as much time with them and torturing them more. Garcia finds the death of his mother. In a parking lot, he’s using a disabled ruse to get another victim. Gideon and Reid question the father again. His mother was unfaithful and it skewed his views of women. His father is a spineless and weak man. At a cheap hotel, Mark throws the woman in the pool and jumps in with her. A man witnesses it and does CPR to help her. He brings her back to life and Mark takes off. Garcia locates another victim in Tennessee, she survived though. They now believe Mark killed his own Mother. Garcia is asked to pull the mother’s accident so they can reanalyze it. Mark kidnaps another woman in a parking lot. It’s now all over the news and Mark is freaking out. Garcia lets them know that Mark’s mother drowned. Mark had to have held her down until she drowned. He’s taking his most recent victim back to that scene to recreate his first murder. The victim crashes the car not far from where Elle and Derek are. She tries to get away. They find the crashed car empty. The search continues on foot and they head to the water. Everyone follows the screaming and splashing. She grabs something from below and hits him with hit. He gets shot and Elle pulls the woman out of the water. Morgan calls the team and lets them know they rescued the victim and the suspect is dead.

The X Files S01, Ep20 – Darkness Falls

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: Darkness Falls
Original Air Date: April 15, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: And you suspect what? Bigfoot?

* Scully: You get the impression we’ve walked into the middle of a war that’s already started?

* Scully: You’re right about one thing. It definitely wasn’t Bigfoot.

* Scully: What kind of an insect could have gotten a man all the way into the tree?
Mulder: Itsy bitsy spider.

* Mulder: You’re right and we’re wasting time arguing about it.

Synopsis: A group of lumberjacks are trapped in the forest. They all decide to try and make a run for it before night falls. Two men hear an overwhelming buzzing as a large group of green bugs descend on them. Mulder shows Scully a photo of the loggers. They’ve all disappeared. And so, have the people sent in to find them. Now Mulder and Scully go looking for them. They meet with a Federal Forest Service Agent. Another man joins them, he works for the logging company. They take a four-hour drive to the site. They drive over some spikes. The rest of the way they have to hike. The camp is deserted. Everything has been sabotaged. They survey the area that’s been clear cut and find a giant cocoon. Scully gets hauled up to cut it down. She is shocked to find a body in the cocoon. The logger get the generator fixed. He finds an eco-terrorist inside. Mulder comes in and stops him from killing him. Everyone is confused. He describes the bugs devouring a human. Turns out the loggers have been taking old growth trees. The logger refuses to listen and goes outside the cabin after dark. He taunts it. The next day, they recheck the trees cut down. One has a strange green ring. The ranger takes a core sample of the tree with the green ring. The logger leaves to hike to the disabled truck and radio for help. At the cabin, the ranger finds that there are tiny bugs living in the ring. He can’t identify the bug. The eco-terrorist tells them people started dying and disappearing only after that tree was cut down. The logger makes it to the truck but there isn’t a key. As he’s working on the engine he hears strange buzzing sounds. He thinks it’s the monkey wrenchers. A swarm of green bugs come out of the sky and he jumps in the truck. He hotwires it, but it doesn’t move. They come in through the vents and start attacking him. They suck him dry quite quickly. In the cabin, Scully keeps analyses the bugs. Mulder thinks that a volcanic eruption caused the weird bugs to grow. He thinks it could be an extinct species that was trapped in the tree and only released as it was cut down. The group survives another day. The eco-terrorist sneaks out and steals the gas can. Mulder catches him. Later, Mulder fixes the radio and tries to call for help. The ranger discovers the terrorist is gone and he’s furious. Scully and Mulder get into a fight. Mulder decides they have to seal the place up as best as they can. Night falls and no one sleeps. Scully can actually see the bugs coming in where its dark in the corner. Outside, the generator is starting to run low. Scully is barely keeping it together. The generator starts to falter. Mulder tries to comfort her with the radio transmission for help. The gas runs out in the generator. Luckily, the sun is rising. They take one of the tires of the trashed truck at camp and head towards the truck. When they arrive, the find the logger dead in a cocoon inside. They hear the jeep with the terrorist. He came back. He tells them his friends are all dead. Everyone jumps in and tey try to make it out before sunset. However, they run over spikes and they can go no further. The bugs start to swarm him and he runs from the car. The bugs get in the car and start attacking the three. A helicopter flies in. Several vans also make their way in. They are in full hazmat suits. They find the three in the jeep still alive and evacuate them. They are taken to a quarantine center. Mulder is up and moving but Scully is still not out of the woods. The head scientist tells Mulder the forest will be hit with pesticides and burned until every bug is dead.

Bones S01, Ep20 – The Graft in the Girl

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: The Graft in the Girl
Original Air Date: April 26, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: It’s not nice to fool mother nature.

* Booth: If you’re just the mechanic then who’s responsible for all the parts you install.

* Hodgins: Not bad for a certified member of the geek squad.

* Zack: She went in for a broken leg and was poisoned.

* Bones: Well you can spit into four states from where we are now.

* Bones: If Biotech doesn’t exist, then who sold the diseased bone to the hospital?

* Bones: All of these people. You’re saving their lives.

* Bones: Hey, don’t harass my assistant.

Synopsis: Booth, Bones and Angela are in a pediatric cancer ward. The Deputy Director’s daughter is there. Angela starts talking to the little girl about art. Bones asks about the cancer. She had a broken leg that required a bone graft. The X-ray tells a story. Bones speaks to the doctor who did her surgery and informs him it gave her cancer. She gets him to do a bone biopsy on the graft. Bones and Booth check with the coordinator. He doesn’t have any real information, but he gives them the number of the tissue bank it was procured from. At the lab, Angela is digitizing some of Amy’s art. The analysis of the bone graft sample, it was from a 60-year-old. The graft is riddled with terminal cancer. Bones informs the director that the bone graft is what gave his daughter the cancer. He’s upset and tells them to notify the CDC. Both are concerned about how many others are going to fall victim to this graft cancer. Back at the hospital, Angela is projecting Amy’s art on the wall. She asks Angela about the Louvre Museum. The pair go to visit the tissue bank. They arrive to find it boxed up and abandoned. Back at the hospital, Bones informs them that Biotech hasn’t existed in two years. His assistant did some research on who else got a graft from the same donor. There is one name. Booth finds out she is dead. Zack checks the graft from her. It has the same cancer, and that cancer killed her as well. Booth interrogates the donor coordinator. He explains the procurement process. Angela goes to visit Amy and shows her some of her work. Back at the lab, Booth tells them 4 hospitals have used BioTech. The tally of victims is up to 14. Bones wants to try and identify the donor. Hodgins just tracked a body to Virginia, now it’s across state lines and becomes Federal. Booth tells the director, and gets approval to move forward. Meanwhile, the graft recipients they’ve tracked down are all getting biopsies of their grafts. Three of them have early signs of cancer. Amy pops up at the biopsy sessions. She leaves upset. At the lab, they narrow in on their search for the donor’s identity. Hodgin’s does a laser analysis and they are able to shorten the list to three possible donors. One is being exhumed, another is cryogenically frozen. They are eliminated as the donor. Bones and Booth talk to the widow of the third man. She tells them a funeral home cremated him but isn’t willing to give a sample of the cremains. While they update the director, the doctor needs to speak to he and his wife. It’s not good news. Booth and Bones go to check with a funeral director. Booth gets a warrant for the ashes. Hodgins confirms the cremains are consistent with the donor. They go back to the mortuary with a warrant. They go through the building. A casket showroom use to be a body prep room. Bones climbs up to examine a ventilation shaft. She finds bone dust. Zack analyzed the bone dust and it’s a match to the donor. But the dust has come from at least 7 bodies. But now they need to find out who actually harvested the bones. Booth hauls the mortician in. Bones heads back to the hospital to check in with the tissue coordinator office. They have a collection of phones for prospective donors. The coordinator’s assistant is the one who’s been cutting the grafts. Booth comes in and arrests her. It doesn’t help Amy. Angela is upset. Hodgins tells Angela she can create the Louvre for Amy. Everyone goes to the hospital. Angela has created a 3D virtual Louvre for Amy.

The Golden Girls S01, Ep20 – Adult Education

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: Adult Education
Original Air Date: February 22, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Ma, are you ok?
Sophia: I’m fine. I’m just trying to make Rose go away.

* Dorothy: Rose, one is testing. Fourteen is brunch.
Rose: Good Lord, I’m a criminal.

* Sophia: I hate Jello. If God wanted peaches suspended in midair, he would have filled them with helium.

* Blanche: He said the only way I’d get an A on my final is if I sleep with him.

* Rose: You’ll be so much happier if you use your brains instead of your body.

* Blanche: The talent to drive men crazy with a body that many said should have come with a warning label.

* Rose: To this day, every time I pass an ice cream parlor or a tackle shop, I blush.

* Dorothy: Take a lesson Rose. That’s how you tell a story.

* Blanche: You, sir, can kiss my A.

* Blanche: One day her butt will turn to mush, but I’ll always have my degree.

Synopsis: Sophia is ready to get her hair done, but Dorothy is on the phone trying to get tickets to the Frank Sinatra concert. Blanche joins them in the kitchen very upset. She failed her midterm exam. Dorothy finds out the concert is sold out and she becomes very upset. Sophia says she’ll get tickets. Later that night, Rose is helping Blanche study for her class. Dorothy comes home, she still has no tickets. Dorothy has decided to buy tickets for Sinatra from a scalper. But Blanche has her test that night so she can’t go. Blanche is still upset over her class and tries to go to a bar to cheer herself up. Rose and Dorothy don’t let her. She throws a tantrum. Dorothy tells her about her speech impediment as a kid to cheer her up. The teacher who helped her inspired her to become a teacher. Blanche decides to speak to her teacher. After class, she approaches him for help. However, inside of helping her he propositions her in exchange for an A. Back at the house, Rose made jello for Sophia. She’s not amused and gets grumpy with Rose. Dorothy comes home and instantly Sophia asks if she got tickets. She didn’t and she’s upset. Blanche comes in and tells them what happened. Dorothy informs her that what he did is sexual harassment. Dorothy volunteers to help her so she’ll pass the class. Dorothy tells a story about when she was sexually harassed. Blanche decides to report him. Rose also tells a story about being sexually harassed. Blanche goes to visit the Dean. She tells him about the sexual harassment by the professor. She tells him that she is failing and that he offered to give her an A if she would have sex with him. The Dean tells her that it’s her word against his and there is nothing he can do. Blanche storms into the kitchen, still upset. Rose tells her that she won four tickets to the Sinatra concert. Blanche tries to tell her what happened as Dorothy runs in excited that she got 3 tickets. Blanche tries again to tell what happened in the Dean’s office. But Rose starts trying to tell the ticket story. Blanche cuts her off and gives a short version. Before Blanche can tell tell her story, Sophia comes in with third row tickets. They’ve not got 10 tickets. Blanche storms out upset. She’s decided she’s going to study her butt off to pass that test. It’s the night of the test and Blanche is the last student left. The professor gives her the offer one last time. She refuses, but thanks him for motivating her into studying hard enough that she could pass. After telling him off she storms out. Back at the house, the other three finally come home. They didn’t get home til after 2am. They got arrested scalping the tickets to an undercover police officer. No one got to see the concert. Blanche brings up her test. She tells them she told the professor off.

The Nanny S01, Ep19 – The Gym Teacher

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: The Gym Teacher
Original Air Date: April 6, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Val, what comes at the end of a sentence?
Val: A parole?

* Fran: Gracie, where do you come up with these things?
Gracie: Usually during hopscotch.

* Max: Niles, please, I’m trying to work.
Niles: As opposed to what I’m doing, which is a hobby.

* Fran: Meanwhile, why’d you change your name?
Teacher: I got married.
Fran: To a man?

* Fran: So you’re married and I’m not? How could this be?

* Fran: You know, marriage has mellowed her.

* Fran: Who would have thought that we’d both be facing demons from our past?

* Fran: The worst that can happen is he’ll set you on fire again. How many times can he do that before it gets old?

* Fran: It’s better to have tried and stunk then to never have stunk at all.

Synopsis: Fran comes home from shopping to find Maggie home sick. She’s trying to get out of gym class. The next day, she is still trying to get Fran to help her out of gym class. Brighton tries to blackmail Maggie over it, but she wins. In Max’s office, Niles is cleaning the windows but the sound is driving Max nuts. He calls Fran into his office because he got a call from Maggie’s school about her having a heart murmur. CC pops in and provides a distraction. She wants to use Alan Beck, but Max is not interested. CC convinces him because he’ll sell six months of tickets. Fran still has to deal with Maggie cutting gym class. The two go to meet the teacher. When the teacher comes out, it’s Fran’s old gym teacher. The news is bad. Fran will try to coach her. Meanwhile, at Max’s play, Alan Beck finally arrives. Alan is still a bully. Fran appears at the play as well. Alan hits on her. Back at the school, its Fran and Maggie to practice. Mrs. Stone (the PE teacher) heckles them before she leaves. In the kitchen, Niles is trying to help Fran. She has hurt herself at the gym. Max comes in complaining about Alan Beck. He gives Fran the same pep talk she gave him. The day has come for Maggie to take her midterm in gym. She fails miserably. Mrs. Stone gives her an F. Then she chokes on the ball from the whistle. Maggie now gets an A because Fran saved her life. In Max’s office, Alan gives him a long list of demands. However, Max puts him in his place. Then scares him with a blowtorch. As Alan leaves, the living room is full of actors to take his place. Alan caves in. Fran would like to play Mrs. Roosevelt but Max isn’t having it.

Family Matters S01, Ep19 – In a Jam

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: In a Jam
Original Air Date: February 23, 1990

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Amazon Click here to get a copy of Family Matters: Season 1

iTunes Family Matters, Season 1 – Family Matters

Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: Urkel, don’t you parents feed you?
Steve: Not every day.

* Mother Winslow: Your grandfather’s name was Lester. Carl was his horse.

* Harriet: Oh yeah, I get it. I just don’t want it in my living room.

* Laura: In a strange sort of way I think I just might miss Urkel.

* Judy: He’s dying.
Rachel: That’s because he’s mangling my jokes.

* Steve: Did all you people come here just to see a bloodbath?

Synopsis: Carl is trying to fix the VCR, with Eddie’s help. However, Steve also helps and the whole house loses power. The three are doing homework in the kitchen as Steve comes in. He asks about food and tells them that he’s been being ripped off by a bully so he hasn’t been able to buy any lunch. Steve asks Eddie for help. He offers to pay him $10 to protect him. In the living room, the ladies are folding socks. Carl runs in and says he’s on the news. He then tells them he’s got a tryout as the afternoon traffic reporter. Rachel insists on jokes. At the lunch spot, Eddie is eating with Steve. They are waiting for the bully. He doesn’t seem to show, so Eddie leaves. A few minutes later, the bully comes in. Steve refuses to pay, so the bully tells him double tomorrow. As he leaves, Steve tells him he’s not going to pay him anymore. Bull tells him to pay him tomorrow or else. Even Rodney is afraid for him. Back at the house, Mother Winslow gets Carl to sign an autograph for her friend. Rachel comes downstairs with a whole list of one line jokes. Harriet is not amused. In the kitchen, Rodney is expressing is fear for Steve’s safety with the bully. Laura also expresses concern. Steve comes in and gives everyone something to remember him by after the bully kills him. Steve tells Eddie he doesn’t’ know what it’s like being bullied because he’s not small. Eddie asks his dad for advice. Carl tells him it’s not a simple yes or no answer to help Steve. The next day, Carl’s traffic report is coming up on tv. At the studio, Carl is a nervous wreck. The director tells Carl that the previous officer got fired because of the jokes. He tries a joke and it bombs. The director gives him a traffic print out to save him. He reads it and realizes the reroute is being repaved and gives an alternate route. At the diner, Steve sits sadly. Laura tries to convince him to save himself. Bull arrives. He asks Steve for the money one more time and he refuses. As he’s about to punch Steve, Eddie steps in. He takes a swing at Eddie, but he dodges. Eddie’s counter punch hits dead on and the bully agrees to leave Steve alone. A few minutes later, Carl arrives. They discuss Steve’s situation. Eddie tells him what happened. Carl tells him he’s proud of him and they leave.

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