The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep16 – The Peanut Reaction

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: The Peanut Reaction
Original Air Date: May 12, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Penny: What was it called, “I hate my son and he can’t have cake.”

* Howard: Make sure they know, no peanuts.
Leonard: Howard, every Thai restaurant in town knows you can’t eat peanuts. When they see me coming they go, “ah no peanut boy.”

* Penny: Sheldon, do you understand the concept of black mail?
Sheldon: Oh – yes I do.

* Penny: Sheldon you’re his friend, friends give each other presents.
Sheldon: I accept your premise; I reject your conclusion.

* Nurse: Oh I understand, but my ER is not equipped for stupid.

Synopsis: The guys are playing arm wrestling and Tetris at a table in the Cheesecake Factory. Penny comes over and tells them to knock it off. Penny asks Leonard if he is coming on Saturday for his birthday cake. Sheldon picks a fight with Penny. Leonard tells Penny that he doesn’t celebrate his birthday. Penny is quite upset by this. Leonard tells Penny about a few times he thought his parents were throwing him a party but they didn’t. Leonard leaves to go get Thai food. Penny races over to the apartment to talk to Sheldon. She wants to throw Leonard a party for his birthday. Sheldon complains about his birthday parties as a kid. He doesn’t want to help and so she threatens to unbag all his mint comic books. He suddenly decides he’s onboard. Howard and Raj sneak over to Penny’s with gifts for Leonard. Sheldon opens the door and informs them they knocked incorrectly. Sheldon goes on a rant about gift giving. Howard tells her what to say and she wins. Penny comes up with a plan so Sheldon can get a gift for Leonard. Leonard is in the apartment playing a video game. Howard tries to get him out of the apartment. He is not having much success. Sheldon and Penny are at an electronics store. Raj tries to come in with decorations but Leonard’s still playing the game. Howard does the only thing he can do to get Leonard to leave, he eats a granola bar with peanuts so he will have an allergic reaction. Howard calls Sheldon to tell him he got Leonard out of the apartment. But Sheldon is still in the store and cannot decide. People start asking Sheldon for computer advice. Howard tries to convince the ER nurse to help him. She says no. He tries to bribe her. Leonard looks at him and doesn’t think he looks sick. He calls Penny and she says he needs to stall. She bribes him by telling him she’ll point out which of her friends are easy to him at the party. She gives him a list of three people. Now he takes out the granola bar with peanuts and really eats it. Sheldon, meanwhile, is acting like an employee of the store. She finally gets him out of the store. Now that Howard is having a really horrific peanut reaction, he gets help. On the way back, Leonard tells him he thought he was keeping him out for a party. He’s touched because Howard risked his life to surprise him with a party. When they get there everyone is asleep except Raj who’s drunk and singing. He looks at video of the party. Penny tells Leonard she is sorry he didn’t get his party. Then she gives him a kiss. He then suddenly asks her when her birthday is.

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