The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep11 – The Pancake Batter Anomaly

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: The Pancake Batter Anomaly
Original Air Date: March 31, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sheldon: Obviously, you’re not well suited for three-dimensional chess, perhaps 3 dimensional Candyland would be more your speed.

* Sheldon: We have no idea what pathogen Typhoid Penny has introduced into our environment.

Synopsis: Leonard is playing 3D chess with Sheldon. He loses badly. Penny pops over for her mail. She just got back from Nebraska. Penny tells them her whole family was sick over the weekend. Sheldon has a meltdown. Leonard warns her to go before Sheldon starts spraying her down with Lysol. Late that night, Sheldon is doing cultures to find out if he is going to be sick and with what. Later, Sheldon is in bed and coughing. He takes his temperature and screams for Leonard. Leonard, meanwhile, is running for the door and gets out as fast as he can. Sheldon is still walking around the apartment calling out to him. Sheldon calls Leonard’s cell phone. He pretends he’s at work. At Howard’s house the phone rings and his mother screams for him to answer it. It’s Leonard and he’s calling to warn him that Sheldon is sick. Another call comes in and he takes it but it turns out to be Sheldon. He pretends to be is own mother. They decide to go to a movie marathon. Sheldon goes to The Cheesecake Factory. Penny is horrified. She manages to make him feel stupid. He manages to gross out everyone in the restaurant by showing them what came out of his nose. Penny calls Leonard. She tells him Sheldon is there. He pretends that there is a radiation leak to get out of picking up Sheldon. Penny winds up taking Sheldon home. She tries to go to her apartment but he doesn’t want to be alone. Penny volunteers to take care of him. At the theater, Leonard drops his glasses. Howard steps on them and breaks them. Leonard calls Penny to learn that Sheldon is home. Penny tucks Sheldon in. He asks her to rub Vicks on his chest. Then he asks her to sing Soft Kitty to him. She doesn’t know it so he teaches it to her. She growls the song at him. At the front door a small spy camera is inserted under the door to find out where Sheldon is. They rig up Leonard with a camera and headset. He crawls into a cabinet. Then heads towards his room. The sensor has been set off. He finds an angry Penny. Not being able to see where he’s going he walks into a beam and falls. He’s not on the couch with Sheldon. Sheldon is wrapped in a comforter and Sheldon has an ice pack on his head.

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