The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep06 – The Middle Earth Paradigm

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: The Middle Earth Paradigm
Original Air Date: October 29, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leonard (to Sheldon): I need you not to embarrass me tonight.

* Howard: If that’s a working stethoscope, maybe you’d like to hear my heart skip a beat?
Nurse: No thanks.

* Sheldon: Aren’t you afraid I’ll embarrass you?
Leonard: Yes, but I need a wingman.

* Sheldon: [makes noise] I’m the doppler effect.

* Sheldon: What do you suppose he’s doing here, besides disrupting the local gravity field?
Leonard: If he were any bigger he’d have moons orbiting him.

* Leonard: Maybe he crashed the party?
Sheldon: Do you have a back up hypothesis?

* Penny: What is wrong with me?
Leonard: Nothing. You’re perfect.
Penny: I’m not perfect.
Leonard: Yes, you are.

* Penny: Leonard you are so great, why can’t all guys be like you?
Leonard: Because if all guys were like me the human race couldn’t survive.

* Leonard: That’s right. You saw what you saw. That’s how we roll in the Shire.

Synopsis: The guys come back from paintball and they were destroyed. Penny asks them how paintball went but gets bad news that they lost. She invites the guys to a party, but they decline. It’s going to be a costume and Halloween party. Once they hear costumes are cool, they’re in. It’s the day of the party and Leonard is dressed as the Flash. Howard arrives and he’s also the Flash. So is Sheldon. Raj arrive and he’s the Flash as well. The change into different costumes. Leonard is Frodo, Howard is Robin Hood, Raj is Thor and Sheldon is the Doppler Effect. They head over to Penny’s for the party, but they are technically early. Later that night the party is in full swing, but they are all couch potatoes. Howard sees a girl he likes, but he gets shot down when he talks to her. Leonard wants to talk to some of Penny’s friends, but isn’t sure how. He enlists Sheldon as his wing man. A chick sits down next to Raj, and he can’t do anything but smile. Penny’s ex shows up and Sheldon and Leonard are not happy. He starts flirting with Penny again. Curt is quite rude to Leonard. Leonard actually stands up to him and gets in a few good ones that go right over Kurt’s head. Kurt gets mad and picks up Leonard and tries to throw him. Penny steps in and ends it. Leonard decides to make an exit after that. He’s sitting on the couch, sad, and Sheldon brings him tea. Penny knocks on the door and comes in to check on Leonard. She explains that Kurt acting like that is why she broke up with him. She starts telling Leonard how upset she is that is he there and now she can’t go back to her own party. She breaks down in tears and turns to Leonard for comfort. She asks what’s wrong with her and he tells her nothing, she’s perfect. Penny is taken by surprise by this. She realizes that he’s totally serious and she kisses him. He takes the high road on the kissing as he doesn’t want to take advantage. She gives him a nice compliment, thanks him and kisses him again. Kurt sees it and gets mad. Later that night, Howard knocks on the door looking for Raj. Raj actually got lucky with the drunk girl.

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