The Golden Girls S01, Ep24 – Big Daddy

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 24
Title: Big Daddy
Original Air Date: May 3, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: I can’t believe I know anyone who calls her father Big Daddy.

* Sophia: You need boots to listen to this guy.

* Rose: This is so much fun it’s like being in Gone With The Wind.

* Blanche: I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for why my daddy’s lost the stuffing out of his comforter.

Synopsis: Sophia asks Dorothy to taste something that’s expired. She tells Dorothy that Rose tried to get in her room last night. As they go back in the living room, Rose tries to explain and Sophia cuts her off. Blanche rushes in and tells everyone that her father is coming to visit. After going off into several stories, Dorothy cuts her off. Blanche leaves and Rose heads out to the lanai. Rose screams when she finds a tree downed in the lanai. Her neighbor comes over and tries to deny it’s his tree. He insults Sophia and she curses him. The next day Dorothy arrives home with a property map showing their neighbor owns the tree. Blanche comes out wearing a dress like she did for her Sweet 16. She wants everyone to be on their best behavior. The doorbell rings and it’s their neighbor, he’s furious. He leaves and the doorbell rings again. Dorothy thinks it’s the neighbor but it’s actually Big Daddy. He lays it on thick with all of them. He takes his leave to take care of some things. Before he leaves he tells her he is singing tomorrow night. Blanche is concerned. Her father comes home late that night. He then performs for Blanche, but he’s horrible. She is horrified. He tells her that he’s doing this as a career and sold the family home. They have a big fight that brings everyone from their rooms. Her father storms off. The three discuss what’s happened. They go in the kitchen and share some memories. The next evening they get ready to go to Big Daddy’s show as the neighbor storms over. He’s giving up. His wife stays behind and tells them she did everything to him. They three arrive at Big Daddy’s show but they learn that his show has been cancelled. Blanche finds her father back stage and talks to him. He tells her the story of how he met her mother. They make up and hug.

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