The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep09 – The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization
Original Air Date: Marc 17, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Penny: Here’s a question: why?
All: Because we can.

* Leonard: So the entire scientific community is supposed to take your word?
Sheldon: They aren’t required to but they should.

* Leonard: Is this all stuff you want me to try on?
Penny: No it’s stuff I want you to throw out.

* Leonard: I’ve had enough of your condescension. Maybe I didn’t go to college at 11 like you. Maybe I got my doctorate at 24 instead of 16.

* Sheldon: I’m sorry I tried to blow up your head. It was uncalled for.

* Penny: Howard would you like to explain to me why your Facebook page has a picture of me sleeping on your shoulder captioned, “Me and my girlfriend.”

Synopsis: They hook up a few X10’s and then Howard goes over a lengthy transport protocol on how this will turn on the lamp and stereo. Penny comes over to tell it’s a little loud. They tell her how they did it and she asks why they didn’t just buy a universal remote. They clean up. Leonard finds a letter in the trash. They have been requested to speak at a symposium about a paper that Leonard and Sheldon wrote. Sheldon has no interest in the symposium, but Leonard wants to. They get into a big argument as Leonard proved the hypothesis but Sheldon says it doesn’t matter. Penny asks Leonard for help on what to wear to the symposium. Penny gives him a pile of clothes to throw away. She finds a costume in his closet and asks why he didn’t wear it for Halloween. His closest causes her distress. Penny goes downstairs and finds Sheldon getting his mail. Heading back upstairs, Penny brings up the fight he had with Leonard. She smoothes everything over and manages to make it worse. Leonard is now leaving for the conference in the read corduroy suit. Penny is going with him. They get to the symposium and Leonard is freaked out because there are around 25 people in attendance. This is a big crowd. The presentation ends. Sheldon has shown up and makes a scene. They wind up having some weird fight. Howard tapes the whole thing. Sheldon finally returns to the apartment and Sheldon doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Howard and Raj burst in with news. The video of their fight is now on Youtube courtesy of Howard filming it and uploading it. Penny comes in and yells at Howard about posting a pic of her asleep on his shoulder and saying she is his girlfriend. She tries Sheldon’s mind explosion thing to no avail. Suddenly, someone in another country is watching the fight video and the guys mess with their lights.

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