The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep17 – The Tangerine Factor

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Title: The Tangerine Factor
Original Air Date: May 19, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Howard: I’m really glad you decided to learn Mandarin.
Sheldon: Why?
Howard: Once you’re fluent you’ll have a billion more people to annoy instead of me.

* Leonard: I’m her friend, I’m not going to take advantage of her vulnerability.

* Raj: Tell us again how you screwed up with Penny and got her back together with her boyfriend.

* Penny: Thank you for your stupid advise!!

* Raj: Incredible, you managed to screw up the screw up.

* Penny: For once I would like to go with someone who is nice and honest and actually cares about me.
Leonard: What about me?

* Leonard: What about if you went out with me?
Penny: You’re asking me out?
Leonard: Um, yes, I am, asking you out.

* Penny: Yes
Leonard: Yes what?
Penny: Yes, I will go out with you.

* Penny: I’ve known for a while that Leonard has a little crush on me.
Sheldon: A little crush? Well, I suppose so in the same way Menelaus had a crush on Helen of Troy.

* Penny: Leonard might be different in a good way. Obviously, my usual choices haven’t worked out well.

* Leonard: Sheldon, this date could be my one chance with Penny. What happens if I blow it?

Synopsis: Howard is trying to teach Sheldon Mandarin. Leonard comes home and asks why he wants to learn Mandarin. He wants to confront someone at a Chinese restaurant about some chicken. Penny comes over and asks to use their window. She throws an ipod at a guy she broke up with. He wrote about their sex life in his blog. Leonard goes over to check on Penny. She’s not in a good mood. Sheldon insults Penny. Raj comes over, he’s excited he found an ipod. Leonard decides to go back over again to make sure Penny is ok. She’s calmer and eating ice cream. She asks Leonard if she is just an idiot who picks giant losers. She rattles him with all these questions. There’s a list of people who found it. She points to her computer and tells him he might as well read it. He tries to soften the pain a tad. He encourages her to stay broken up with him. Penny goes in a totally different direction. She gives him a hug and then heads over to Mike’s. The guys are now eating Chinese food and playing a board game. Penny storms in and yells at Leonard. Leonard goes back over the Penny’s to find her crying. She apologizes for yelling at him. Turns out Mike already had a new girlfriend. Penny is quite honest about what she would really like in a guy. Leonard volunteers. He actually asks her out and she is shocked and dumbfounded. They both get awkward and try to save face. But suddenly, she looks at him and says yes. She’ll go out with him. Leonard is well past shocked and can only respond, “good.” They both look a bit shy. Sheldon goes down to the mailbox while practicing Mandarin. Penny scares him. She wants to talk to him about Leonard. They talk the whole way up the stairs. But Penny still hasn’t said what she wants to say. Sheldon tells him how happy Leonard is about their upcoming date by his dancing. Sheldon, however, has trouble figuring out where to sit. She tells him she’s known. He tells her it’s more than a little crush. She’s worried because Leonard is not the type of guy she usually goes out with and it might actually be a nice change. He doesn’t know what to tell her, so he tells her about Schrodinger’s cat. In the cafeteria Sheldon speaks pour Mandarin to two people. Leonard brings up Penny. He’s scared. Sheldon now tells him Schrodinger’s cat. It’s date night, Leonard put on a suit and Penny has on a dress. They both are nervous. He mentions the cat and then kisses her. After the kiss, she says the cats alive and they head off to dinner. Sheldon is at the Chinese restaurant yelling at the owner and not saying the right words. Leonard and Penny walk in, see Sheldon and walk right back out.

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