The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep12 – The Jerusalem Duality

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: The Jerusalem Duality
Original Air Date: April 14, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leonard: Would the new Sheldon be an improvement on the old Sheldon?
Sheldon: No, he would be exactly the same.
Leonard: That is a problem.

* Sheldon: I sense a disturbance in the force.

* Leonard: It’s like looking into an obnoxious little mirror isn’t it?

* Penny: So you got a little competition. I don’t see what the big deal is.
Sheldon: Of course you don’t, you’ve never excelled at anything.
Penny: I don’t understand. Exactly how did he get any friends in the first place?

* Leonard: What are you going to do Sheldon, just give up?
Sheldon: Yes, that’s what a rational person does when his whole life is invalidated by a post pubescent Asian wonder kid.

* Howard: Sheldon what are you doing here?
Sheldon: I just came by to say hi.
Howard: I’ve been in this lab for three years and you’ve never come by to say hi.

* Raj: Are you crying?
Howard: No, I have allergies.

Synopsis: Sheldon and Leonard are eating lunch. Sheldon goes on a rant about digital transporters. Dr. Gablehouser walks over to their table with a young student. He is shopping schools for his doctoral. Sheldon is clearly a bit jealous. Gablehouser wants the two of them to show Dennis around. He brags that the school is the best for physics. However, Dennis disagrees and starts listing reasons why they are not the best. He then insults Sheldon’s work in physics. Leonard finds it funny. The two give him a tour. When they get to Sheldon’s office he goes in and asks them to leave. However, the two follow him in. Dennis looks at his board and tells him his math is wrong. Sheldon is now visibly angry. He finally gets him to leave and Dennis notices an award on the wall. He manages to turn it into an insult. At the apartment, everyone is eating. Penny tries talking to Raj, but it’s still a no go so she gives him a hug. Sheldon, however, is sitting on the couch pouting and wallowing in self-pity. Leonard reminds him that someone always comes along who is better. Penny tries to comfort him and he just insults her. She is not happy with him. Sheldon decides to give up. Later that night, Sheldon comes out of his room and tells Leonard he is not giving up after all. Now, he plans to work with Sheldon. He then starts picking apart what Leonard is working on. Leonard gets upset and tells him to go away. In Howard’s lab, he calls his mother upset that she left the ding dong out of his lunch. Sheldon arrives and he promptly hangs up. Sheldon asks Howard what he is working on. He’s building a sensor apparatus. Sheldon points out its just a shelf and Howard kicks him out. Next, he goes to Raj’s office. He kicks him out too. The three meet back at the apartment without Sheldon. He insulted Raj by designing software that replaces him. Suddenly, dealing with the teenager smarter than Sheldon becomes the goal. Howard suggests getting ghim interested in a girl. Sheldon arrives. He wants the three of them to work with him on cold fusion and they could solve it in ten to twelve years. The three go to Penny for help finding a girlfriend for the teenage genius. In Sheldon’s office, Gablehouser and Dennis find Sheldon trying to solve the world peace problem. His solution is building a to scale Jerusalem in the middle of the Mexican desert. He tells Sheldon that the teenager has decided to join the college. They leave a bit traumatized. At the welcome party, Sheldon insults a Jewish professor. There are also a large number of females that are appropriately aged. However, he is not talking to any of them. So their plan has a problem. Sheldon pops over and asks Howard another offensive question. He finally realizes its him and walks away. The other three continue trying to figure out how to derail the teenage genius. One of them has to talk to one of them. But no one has the guts. Gablehouser makes a speech about Dennis. But his speech causes another melt down for Sheldon. When he introduces Dennis, he gets no response. He then leaves with a girl to go to the mall. The guys are all at the park with a model rocket. Howard got a ticket for harassing a public servant. They find Dennis in the park. He’s drinking and making out with the girl he left the welcome party with. The guys sort of feel bad. Sheldon does not.

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