The Big Bang Theory S01, Ep13 – The Bat Jar Conjecture

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: The Bat Jar Conjecture
Original Air Date: April 21, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Penny: Oh, so in your world you’re like the cool guys.

* Sheldon: By that rule I should answer all the anthropology questions because I’m a mammal.

* Leonard: Ok, let me try it this way. You’re annoying and no one wants to play with you anymore.

* Leslie: Yes, Leslie Winkle, the answer to the question: who made Sheldon cry like a little girl?

* Leonard: Sheldon is proving that you are single handedly smarter than everyone else so important that you would rather lose by yourself than win as part of a team?
Sheldon: I don’t understand the question.

* Leonard: How do you know these things?
Penny: I go outside and I talk to people.

Synopsis: The guys are hanging out and discussing Star Trek. Penny comes over asking for help with her laptop. A key is stuck on the keyboard. Leonard tries to help. Raj actually manages to say two words in front of Penny and he nearly faints. Penny tries not to laugh. The guys decide to do a physics bowl and join as a team. Lunch the next day they begin discussing team names. Sheldon, as always, proves difficult on the subject. He wants to name the team the army ants, no one is impressed. At the apartment that Saturday, Penny is assisting them in practice by pretending to be the host. It starts to go downhill quickly when Sheldon decides to answer every question even when someone else buzzes in. They take a break and Raj insults Sheldon via Howard. Penny agrees. Later, Leonard gets back to the apartment and talks with Sheldon. He gives him a Batman cookie jar. It’s to soften the blow because they are kicking him off the team. He’s a killjoy so they kicked him off the team. Sheldon doesn’t take it well. He informs Leonard he’s going to make his own team to destroy them. Apparently, Sheldon has a competitive side. Raj then discusses a possible new member of the team, the woman who played Blossom. She has a phd in neuroscience. Howard then puts up Sarah, but Leonard doesn’t want to because she broke his heart. He finally gives in and all three walk over and ask her to join the team. She turns them down. Once Howard mentions they are competing against Sheldon, she becomes extremely angry and joins their team. It’s now the day of the bowl. Penny has come to watch. Sheldon’s team consists of a janitor and a cafeteria lady. Leslie comes in and Sheldon is not happy. The two share words. Everyone takes their places to compete. Sheldon’s team is AA and Leonard’s is PMS. The match begins. The competition is very heated. Penny falls asleep from boredom. It’s now the last question of the match. Team AA has 1150 points and Team PMS has 1175. The last question is 100 points. It’s a math equation that none of them have ever seen before. Sheldon doesn’t know the answer. Turns out his janitor is a Russian physicist. His teammate gave the right answer, but he refused to submit it. So PMS wins. They celebrate, Howard goes too far. At the apartment, Leonard is rubbing the victory in Sheldon’s face. Penny storms in with a new contest. She has a new set of questions, they are about pop culture. They can’t answer anything, they stare blankly at her. She’s shocked. She gives them one.

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