Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep04 – Happy Fat

Season: 3
Episode: 4
Title: Happy Fat
Original Air Date: December 21, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Marissa Jaret Winokur: Kim
Kelly Schumann: Sally
Yolanda Snowball: Pam
Jimmy Smagula: Jerry
Edward James Gage: Mike
Alex Ball: Ken

Synopsis: Joy gets chased into the house by Judgey Face (Kim). Kim asks for a makeover and the ladies are happy to assist them. Kim, Sally and Pam aren’t thrilled about not eating. There husbands aren’t thrilled about any of it. Meanwhile, Elka and Roy are doing dangerous thrill seeking stuff. The ladies teach Elka how to lie about her age and weight. However…

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Elementary S02, Ep23 – Art in the Blood

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 23
Title: Art In The Blood
Original Air Date: May 8, 2014

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iTunes Elementary, Season 2 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: And here I was thinking MI6 was an intelligence organization.

* Joan: He deserves better than you. So do I.

* Sherlock: The mystery of the tattoos persist.

* Joan: I love what we do. I love our partnership. But we do not need to live together.

* Joan: You are what you do. You have to be happy. I don’t.

* Sherlock: You and my brother and this whole affair have upturned my life quite enough. Good luck with your hunt.

* Joan: Why didn’t you tell Sherlock? Why didn’t you tell me?

* Sherlock: It’s quite simple. You’re being framed for murder and treason.

Synopsis: Holmes arrives at the station. Watson calls his phone. He returns to the brownstone. Sherlock is furious. He deduces MI6 is involved. Mycroft tells him he’s with British Intelligence. Sherlock and Mycroft meet with Mycroft’s handler. MI6 wants Sherlock to take a case for them. They want him to look into the murder of a former agent. He heads back to the brownstone and updates Watson. They take the case and go to the morgue to take a closer look. Sherlock finds the body is missing his extremities. Sherlock and Bell talk to his ex-wife. She’s a tattoo artist and it triggers an idea. He thinks that the victim had invisible ink tattoos on his arms and that’s why there were removed from his body. That night Mycroft shows up at the brownstone to see Joan. She’s not having any of it. He tries to apologize. Sherlock pays a visit to Mycroft’s handler. He updates them on the tattoos. At the brownstone, Joan wishes to discuss something but they are interrupted by the dead man’s ex-wife. She confirms the tattoos on his arms and also provides photos of the tattoos. West thought that there was a mole in MI6. She’s now worried that whoever killed West is also after her. Sherlock has partially decoded the arm tattoos. Joan tells Sherlock she plans to move out and he won’t hear of it. Sherlock storms out. He meets with Mycroft’s handler and informs him there might be a mole. The handler asks Sherlock to work for MI6 permanently. He’s not interested. Joan chats with their house guest, the ex-Mrs. West the next morning. She tells Joan that Mycroft had left MI6 and then returned for an unknown reason. At the station, Sherlock is combing cold cases. The Captain tells him that they found the murder weapon. The fingerprint is quite distinctive. Sherlock recognizes it. Joan goes to visit Mycroft and asks about a name. He tells her that he rejoined MI6 to prevent Sherlock from going to jail. He got inadvertently with a terrorist group. Joan kisses him passionately. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock dusts a jar Mycroft picked up for prints. His fingerprints match the ones on the gun that murdered West. Back at Mycroft’s he and Joan are together. Joan tells him she told Sherlock she was moving out. Sherlock calls the handler. He tells him he knows who the mole is. Sherlock storms into Mycroft’s and finds them both. He tells them that Mycroft’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

Family Matters S01, Ep22 – Rock Video

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Rock Video
Original Air Date: April 27, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: Did you think of me while you were camping?
Laura: Yeah, every time I used the bug spray.

* Mother Winslow: Once Carl has made up his mind the best thing to do is stand back and watch him fall.

* Steve: This is going to be the biggest bomb since Howard the Duck.

* Harriet: That wasn’t a rock video. That was a love letter from Eddie Winslow to Eddie winslow.

* Carl: When a man decides to go on an ego trip, he usually winds up going alone.

Synopsis: The family has just returned from a camping trip and are greeted by Steve. He accidently inflates the raft. That afternoon Laura and Judy come into the kitchen and are afraid Carl is paying bills. Instead he’s doing the taxes. Harriet comes home to find Carl doing taxes. Harriet has given Eddie’s band permission to practice. Mother Winslow is dancing. They are prepping for a video shoot. Rachel is going to choreograph. They relocate to the garage where Steve marches in playing the accordion. No one is happy about Steve until he volunteers to shoot the video. Meanwhile, Carl is still trying to do the taxes and failing. The video starts and Eddie wants it to be all about him. Later, everyone is in the living room to watch the video. No one is pleased. Steve tells them the instructions Eddie gave him and everyone quits. In the kitchen, Carl has finished the taxes. Harriet arrives. She had his brother do their taxes. When she tells him they are getting a refund he’s thrilled. Carl goes out to check on Eddie. They have a heart to heart. At dinner Carl suggests they all help Eddie make the video. He agrees but only if Aunt Rachel rewrites the lyrics. It’s now time for the results. They win the contest.

Recipe: Easy Strawberry Cream Pie

I’m totally drooling over this pie. I can’t wait to try it.

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Crimimal Minds S01, Ep22 – The Fischer King part 1

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Fischer King part 1
Original Air Date: May 10, 2006

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Amazon Criminal Minds: Season 1

iTunes Criminal Minds, Season 1 – Criminal Minds

Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” -Elbert Hubbard

Synopsis: We see a large, older brick home. Inside, a girl is being held prisoner. At the BAU, Elle and Derek are discussing their vacation plans. Everyone runs out the door. The man holding the female prisoner has photos of all the team members. He gives his captive an ominous message. Elle and Derek go to Jamaica to his friend’s resort. They both find some romance. Hotch, is happily cleaning out the garage. At Gideon’s cabin, he is cooking up a fantastic meal. Garcia is in her office playing an online game as JJ comes in. Garcia tells her about the man she plays this game with. Reid has gone to see his Mom. Back at the resort, Elle is enjoying her romance. At Hotch’s he and Haley relive memories. At the cabin, Gideon is romancing Sarah. Hotch gets a strange call. At the resort, there’s blood. They find a dead body in a room. In Garcia’s game all hell breaks loose as she gets hacked. Gideon’s weekend gets interrupted by a delivery. At the resort they follow the blood trail to Elle’s room. Gideon receives a head in a box. Elle gets arrested. They interrogate her. Derek comes to her defense s they check out a room. They learn man who is dead checked in with another and he’s missing. Garcia is fixing her computers as Morgan calls. She goes on a rant. Gideon goes to the office and finds everyone is affected. Hotch arrives to rescue Elle. The man was killed before Elle arrived. JJ finds a package in her office. Reid goes back to see his Mom and is told there’s package for him. We see the female being held prisoner and she is sick. Elle, Morgan and Hotch arrive at the office. JJ gives them the run down on the two men. The team reviews. They realize that this unsub knew where everyone was. Garcia comes in and tells them what happened to her system. She also found the hacker. It’s the same name as the guy who checked in with the dead man. They go to the address. All they find is a sword. But the sword is right through Giles chest. The clues left make no sense till Reid arrives. He solves the clue and they find another in the wall. It’s a box and the key sent to Reid opens it. They find a note and a dvd labeled, “Thy Quest.” They watch the video and no one is amused. Gideon is distraught. Haley comes by. She’s brought him a delivery. They fill her in on the case a bit. The paper is full of numbers. Reid determines it’s a book cipher. They now know who they need to save. The hair matched a missing person. Gideon wants a press conference. The unsubs sees the conference and is not happy. They go over the clues again to try and figure it out. Hotch sends an exhausted Elle home with an agent. Elle arrives home and passes out on the couch. A man walks up on her with a gun. She goes for her gun and he fires. To be continued…

Numb3rs S02, Ep05 – Assassin

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Assassin
Original Air Date: October 21, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: An assassination on US soil?
Charlie: Yeah.

* Alan: When it’s done right you never find out who did it.

* Larry: It’s field work. It’s just field work. There’s no substitute.

* Larry: Research can’t be performed in a vacuum. The subject will be changed by the process.

* Charlie: Basic protocol of a secret assassination, be the first respondent.

Synopsis: Don’s at a retirement community. A mother interrupts a son “working.” Don knocks with a search warrant. The “son” tries to run, but he runs into Colby. They find a notebook with codes. Charlie and Larry are working on paper airplane designs. Don takes the notebook to Charlie. He determines it’s a transposition cipher. It’s an assassination plan. The team starts trying to figure it all out. Colby is interrogating the suspect. He gives them the little bit of information he has. They figure out who it is. Charlie is working on the math of the assassination. Amita comes in asking about lunch. Don’s at his office with a representative from Columbia since the target appears to be someone from that country. He learns the assassination is going to be made to look like an accident. Charlie suggests they talk to the man they arrested again for more information. However, he is killed when he gets transferred. Don orders protection for the target. Charlie ponders the target and Larry breaks it to him that his data has gaping holes. He will have to talk to him. Charlie does meet with him, but it’s unsettling. Charlie continues to work in his garage with Larry. David heads to Ruiz’s house to check on him and finds him in the canal half drowned. Don talks to him after he’s recovered. He then meets with the Columbian representative again. Don spots by Charlie’s office with Ruiz’s new schedule. David and Colby catch a break at a computer shop. They can now link the Columbian Consulate with the computer shop, which just happens to be a gun dealer. Don sets a trap for the assassin. The safe house is a fort, but the assassin still gets in. He’s killed. Charlie goes to visit Ruiz. He tells him that he’s going back to Columbia. At the house, Don shows up to go to the party so Charlie can go on his date with Amita. But Amita’s in LA.

Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep03 – Funeral Crashers

Season: 3
Episode: 3
Title: Funeral Crashers
Original Air Date: December 14, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Orson Bean: Dan
Jennifer Ann Burton: Cassie
Jake Martin: Male Mourner

Synopsis: The dry cleaner sends Melanie’s magic dress to the wrong place. The person it went to just died. Melanie and company crash the funeral to try and get the dress back. However, the deceased is wearing the dress. Roy finds Elka and tells her that the deceased was murdered. They attempt to solve it. Victoria searches for her Soap Opera Digest. Melanie makes Joy…

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