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Chew 2009 #2

In a restaurant, a customer brings her burger back. The cashier is not happy. He takes it back and instead of giving her a new burger tries to add snot and finds a finger inside. Tony Chu walks into the… Read More ›

Zatanna 2010 #2

Fuseli’s Nightmare There were Hyena villains. The original hyena’s are dead but they bit many people creating new hyenas. Zatanna got summoned by the JLA to New Orleans to deal with the amassing hyenas. Vixen and Black Canary help her… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #2

Six Against The Galaxy The Sandpeople have knocked Luke out, but they don’t kill him. They go and ransack his speeder instead. They suddenly flee as a figure appears. R2D2 just sees a man. He walks up to R2 and… Read More ›

DeadPool v1 1998 #0

Stan Lee is narrating. It’s how Deadpool became Deadpool. Two people go downstairs. They enter Fleshworks, a space for gifted people to try all they can. A creature is talking with a woman. She’s upset that her pet project is… Read More ›