The Golden Girls S03, Ep03 – Bringing Up Baby

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 3

Title: Bringing Up Baby

Original Air Date: October 3, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: I’m just not sure about the pearls. Do you think pearls nestled in the ample cleavage revealed by my clinging low-cut gown somehow might suggest that I’m nothing but a cheap easy good time?

Dorothy: They might.

Blanche: That settles it. Pearls it is.

* Sophia: Oh boy if this is the kitchen then I’m poaching an egg in the toilet.

* Sophia: He’s a pig, there’s no accounting for taste.

* Dorothy: Even your money has more fun than I do.

* Dorothy: Four grown women decide to live with a pig and he has a mental problem?

* Dorothy: Are you telling us that the pig is dying of homesickness?

* Rose: I’m just as disappointed as you are. It’s been great having a pig living in the in the house, but we can’t jeopardize Baby’s health.

* Dorothy: We lied to Rose. We tricked her into jeopardizing the life of an animal just so we could make a quick buck. * Blanche: Oh my god. I’m a murderer. I’m nothing but no-good money-grubbing trash. Baby, forgive me.


Sophia arrives without her glasses. She broke them at the mall and can’t see. She tried to call but wasn’t exactly using a payphone. Blanche is getting ready and asks for advice on necklaces. Sophia still can’t see and compliments Blanche on how good she looks, but she realizes its actually just Blanches thigh. She quickly insults her. Dorothy informs her that Sophia broke her glasses. Rose comes in upset. She is going to be a mother again. He uncle died and left her custody of his baby. They discuss how much of a responsibility raising a baby is. Dorothy offers to help Rose raise it. Blanche offers to help to as long as she doesn’t have to do any of the actual work. Rose will call the lawyer and have the baby brought as soon as possible. Sophia wants to lie down but she walks out the front door and nearly gets run over. Later that night, Sophia comes in the kitchen. She thinks it’s the bathroom, but it’s the kitchen. She runs for the bathroom and the egg. Rose shows Dorothy some family pictures. In the living room Blanche is concerned that they are all women and there’s no male role model for the baby. Rose makes a beautiful statement about raising the baby. The doorbell rings and the baby is delivered. Only it’s not a baby, it’s a pig named Baby. Everyone is shocked. Rose is excited to have a pig again. Blanche wants the pig gone. When she learns that it comes with $100,000 to take care of the pig. Rose offers to split the money. Greed wins the others over. Another day out on the lanai, Sophia thinks the pig is Dorothy. Dorothy has brought her new glasses. Dorothy gets upset that the pig is out of its pen. Rose just can’t contain her excitement about having a pig again. Dorothy only cares about when it’s going to die. Blanche runs out and complains about the pig eating her negligee. Rose apologizes for the problems and goes to call her family to find a new home. Dorothy convinces her to calm down, so they don’t lose the money. Rose yells for the girls as the pig has just collapsed. In the kitchen, Rose is upset at Baby’s quick decline. Blanche tries to comfort her. Rose asks what a pig’s temperature should be. She’s offended when Sophia gives her a cooking temperature instead. It’s another day and Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia have come home from a shopping spree. Rose has a vet at the house. He says he is homesick. He recommends sending him back to the farm. Rose is going to send him back but the girls convince her not to. The next day Blanche and Dorothy discuss the money. Dorothy has been worried about all the money they have been spending. Blanche decided to combine all their money and buy a Mercedes. But Dorothy wants to send Baby back and give up the money. Blanche offers one of her sons to keep the car. The two go to Rose’s room. She has the photo album out. Dorothy confesses to Rose that she wanted the money. Blanche shows him pictures of the farm and the pig squeals. Blanche has a meltdown and begs the pig to forgive her. Both Blanche and Dorothy apologize to Rose. Sophia comes in. Dorothy tells her they are sending the pig back to the farm. Sophia’s glasses have finally arrived. Everyone is moping around. Dorothy tries to cheer everyone up. Rose comes in with a letter. She learns that Baby died. The Mercedes gets towed. They ride in it while it’s being towed.

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