The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep09 – The Unusual Suspects

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 9

Title: The Unusual Suspects

Original Air Date: January 4, 2022

Season 9

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They begin a new bore hole, HI4 that they believe is right on the center of shaft 6. The sample form 59 feet to 79 feet is examined. They find stacked timbers. Rick and other team members arrived at the money pit for an update. This wood has allowed them to determine the tunnel orientation. Marty, Gary and Billy are back at the swamp digging. There is a recap of multiple finds and the seismic scanning that appears to have found a ship. Marty asks Billy to take off a foot of sand at a time for Gary to metal detect layer by layer. Marty discusses a piece of wood that he had carbon dated twice. Both times it dated to 700 AD. They find another wooden survey stake. A piece of planking or decking is found as well. In the war room, the team is gathered to listen to Doug. He is giving a presentation on what has been found so far this season. He begins with the two round stones Gary found. It was found to be a match to the one found in 2019 and that they originated from the Azores in Portugal. They were called 2 pound stone shot. They were in use from the 1400s to 1600s. Doug has also learned that Mahone Bay was referred to on older maps as the “Port of Refuge.” Another day in the research center, Steve provides an update. He has now been able to accurately map shaft 6 on the overall map of the island. They now plan to drill another hold to confirm directionality and find the tunnel that all the debris might be in. They all head out to drill. Steve, Gary and Jack head back out to metal detect. They are looking for the magnesium hit. He’s going to do a spiral search pattern to maximize the chance of getting a hit. He is using a GPX5000 that can get hits on targets up to 5 feet deep. He gets a major hit and Jack flags it. He then starts to dig. Gary tries with the pin pointer but its too deep still. Jack digs more and it now has come out. Gary finds it. He thinks it could be part of a mechanism for a hatch. The next day in the money pit, a 39 foot core sample on the new hole is examined. Next core is 119 feet. It’s got a mix of everything. They have not reached a tunnel. They missed the target. The will recalibrate and dig again. Back at the swamp, they continue to work the southern edge to look for the ship and treasure. Gary continues to metal detect but just keeps finding wood. Laird comes to take a look at one of the pieces. It could be a ships pin. Another odd piece of wood is found. Laird takes a look at it. He’s never seen anything like it. Several days later, Laird has a meeting to discuss the wood pieces they found. They decide there could be a rope burn on the odd shaped piece. It could be another piece of a ship. Marty wants to have it tested to determine the type of wood because its just been a few days and it’s completely dry.

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