The Golden Girls S01, Ep23 – Blind Ambitions

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Title: Blind Ambitions
Original Air Date: March 29, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Do you know what they call cooking meat over an open fire in Sicely?
Dorothy: No, what?
Sophia: Poverty.

* Blanche: The point is guilt is a very bad thing. Story over.

* Sophia: I only have one question: now that I’m better why do you still scream and holler at me?

* Sophia: You want to help your sister? Help her to help herself.

* Blanche: The King is gone Dorothy but we must cherish the things he left behind: his movies, his songs..
Dorothy: And his seasonings.

* Dorothy: What’s the use of having a garage sale if we can’t part with anything?

* Dorothy: Come on now, get out of here. You’ve come back more times than Shirley MacLaine.

Synopsis: The girls are having a barbeque on the lanai. Rose’s sister Lily is visiting them. Blanche tells a story about barbeques when she was younger. Rose and Lily share a camping story. They talk about tv shows and garage sales. They all decide to have a garage sale to raise the money for a new television. Later that night, they are going through stuff in the living room. Everything is everywhere. Lily decides to put some candlesticks on a table and all the girls have to rush to move everything out of her way when she heads to her room for a sweater. The next day in the kitchen, Lily is making bacon and it catches on fire. She screams for help and everyone comes rushing. Rose puts out the fire. The girls discuss Lily’s situation. Rose finds Lily in her room holding a dress. Rose tries to convince her to get help. Lily shows her the dress and tells her it’s her favorite because it’s the only one she can clearly remember. Lily asks Rose to come and live with her. Later, the girls are in the kitchen. They try to dissuade her from moving to Chicago. Blanche tells a story about working in a factory. We learn of another of her boyfriends. Sophia joins them and tells Rose moving in with Lily is a bad idea. Sophia tells them that Dorothy forced her to rebuild her life because she knew she could. Rose is still on the fence. Sophia tells her to help her sister help herself. It’s the day of the garage sale. Everyone is trying to haggle down prices and Sophia is not having it. Nothing is selling, they can’t part with the memories attached to the items. They decide to call off the garage sale. Dorothy comes up with an idea. They put a down payment on a new tv and pay the rest off on time. Lily comes out and asks Rose to help her to the couch. But she starts asking Rose to do everything for her. Rose takes a stand and tells her that she needs professional help to get on with her life. She won’t go back to Chicago with her. Lily storms off upset. Two months later, Rose heads to Chicago to visit her sister. She keeps leaving and coming back. She finally leaves. Rose lands and gets directions for the baggage claim. Lily surprised her by meeting her at the airport. She now has a service dog. She apologizes to Rose for her behavior. Lily wanted Rose to see that she was right.

Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep05 – One Thing Or A Mother

Season: 3
Episode: 5
Title: One Thing or a Mother
Original Air Date: December 28, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Phil Morris: Lou
Sean O’Bryan: Andy
Bette Rae: Mother
Sean Hayes: Chad
Cesili Williams: Waitress

Synopsis: It’s Friday night and all four ladies have a date. Elka is going out with Roy. Joy is going out with a man who she knows is older, but is not sure how much older. Victoria is dating a hand model. Melanie is on her 12th date with Andy. Elka surprises Roy at his apartment and is shocked to learn that his mother is still living and will be 110 in a few weeks. Roy’s mother makes it clear she does not like Elka. Victoria’s date, the hand model, won’t eat without silverware. Victoria is forced to feed him by hand. On the way back they get a flat and she has to change it. Melanie’s 12th date goes as she wants except for one thing. He resembles Pooh Bear, and everyone sees it.

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Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep04 – Happy Fat

Season: 3
Episode: 4
Title: Happy Fat
Original Air Date: December 21, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Marissa Jaret Winokur: Kim
Kelly Schumann: Sally
Yolanda Snowball: Pam
Jimmy Smagula: Jerry
Edward James Gage: Mike
Alex Ball: Ken

Synopsis: Joy gets chased into the house by Judgey Face (Kim). Kim asks for a makeover and the ladies are happy to assist them. Kim, Sally and Pam aren’t thrilled about not eating. There husbands aren’t thrilled about any of it. Meanwhile, Elka and Roy are doing dangerous thrill seeking stuff. The ladies teach Elka how to lie about her age and weight. However…

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Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep03 – Funeral Crashers

Season: 3
Episode: 3
Title: Funeral Crashers
Original Air Date: December 14, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Orson Bean: Dan
Jennifer Ann Burton: Cassie
Jake Martin: Male Mourner

Synopsis: The dry cleaner sends Melanie’s magic dress to the wrong place. The person it went to just died. Melanie and company crash the funeral to try and get the dress back. However, the deceased is wearing the dress. Roy finds Elka and tells her that the deceased was murdered. They attempt to solve it. Victoria searches for her Soap Opera Digest. Melanie makes Joy…

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Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep02 – Beards

Season: 3
Episode: 2
Title: Beards
Original Air Date: December 7, 2011

Guest Stars:
Laura San Giacomo: Caroline
Gilles Marini: Captain Lebeau
Sandra Bernhard: Nan

Synopsis: The ladies are freezing to death. Victoria gets asked to speak on a lesbian cruise. All four go. The ladies fall in love with the Captain. Melanie’s sister is on the cruise too. Melanie is shocked. Joy and Victoria each have a fling with the Captain. Melanie’s sister finds out that she isn’t gay and is upset.

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Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep01 – Elka’s Choice

Season: 3
Episode: 1
Title: Elka’s Choice
Original Air Date: November 30, 2011

Guest Stars:
Don Rickles: Bobby
Kym Whitley: Jada
Valerie Azlynn: Libby
Kathy Lee Gifford: Christal

Synopsis: The ladies go to New York with Victoria who is appearing on The Chatter. She’s heard a rumor that they are looking for a fourth co-host who’s gay. So Victoria announces her marriage to Joy, who’s not happy about it. To deflect attention she tells Elka’s story and they bring Elka on the show. When they get back from New York Bobby is waiting but Elka can’t decide…

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The Golden Girls S01, Ep 22 – Job Hunting

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Job Hunting
Original Air Date: March 9, 1986

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Amazon The Golden Girls: Season 1

iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 1 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: That’s great. If she learned to catch a frisbee in her teeth she can find work as a Golden Retriever.

* Dorothy: Nice to meet you Milton. I live her, you don’t.

* Sophia: If you have to go out tomorrow ask those crybabies not to call during The Young and the Restless.

* Rose: Why, oh, why can’t grief take a holiday?

* Blanche: I already lost one pound.
Sophia: In your dreams.

* Sophia: He’s a man. It’s not like sharing a yogurt.

Synopsis: Blanche is singing in the kitchen. Sophia comes in and is upset because there is no pepperoni. Dorothy comes in and she’s in a fabulous mood. But Rose comes in with bad news. Her counseling center has closed and she doesn’t have a job anymore. They all try to console her. But she only seems to care about the misplaced patients. It’s another day and Dorothy finds a complete stranger on the lanai. Rose comes out. Dorothy thinks it’s Rose’s boyfriend. It turns out to be a patient from the center. Rose tells Dorothy she hasn’t even started looking for work. Dorothy gets a message that Barry Glick is in town. She had the hots for him in school. Late that night, Dorothy wakes Rose for a phone call. Now the whole house is awake. They all discuss Rose and her situation. They try and intervention. However, Rose tells them the truth. She’s had lots of interviews but no one has been willing to hire her. Dorothy and Blanche go to her room and try to comfort her. Dorothy punches up her resume. Rose feels better and they all go to the kitchen. They have a feast. While they feast they talk about their love life until the morning. It’s another day and Milton is making a pass at Blanche. They make a date. Dorothy is excited about going on a second date with Barry Glick. However, it turns out that Barry is gay. Rose comes home. She got a new job as a waitress. Blanche and Dorothy are shocked, but they finally support her.

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