The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep11 – A Boatload of Clues

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 11

Title: A Boatload of Clues

Original Air Date: January 18, 2022

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Hole A13 drilling begins. The air hole and chamber are discussed. The 12 foot by 12 foot structure possibly detected underground. The offset chamber is discussed as well. They go through another core sample. The answer may be in the next two or three samples. At the swamp, Gary is leading a few people and Billy going through the spoils. Some of the finds in the swamp are discussed. Gary finds a piece of weird that’s cut in a strange way. Its not natural, it’s man made. Billy informs Gary about some wood in the bucket he just dumped. It’s a think piece. Back at bore hole A13, they are nearing the possible chamber. They yell and Craig comes running. There’s more air coming out. There could be a chamber here. Craig tells him to keep drilling and see if they hit something hard. It goes all the way down to 78.2 feet. The core sample goes to 82 feet. It’s a lot of slushy material. Terry finds some eel grass in the void sample. The next morning, work continues at the swamp. Gary begins to metal detect and gets a hit. He finds another piece of thin shaped wood. Gary decides to have Rick join them. Gary shows Rick all the cut wood they found. Rick discusses the need for a special consultant who can identify these things. Rick tells Gary they have a marine archeologist coming out soon to look at all of it. The next morning Dr. Lee Spence, the marine archeologist has arrived at the war room. A number of items are laid out on the table. The first piece is a paddle. The second piece he is amazed by the age of it. He thinks it could be part of a ship. The pin he determines is a belaying pin for a small sail ship or a fid to pry apart a rope line. The weirdly shaped piece of wood is next. He tells them its broken and a piece is missing. Gary and Michael go to Lot 32. There are many flags for them to check. They dig the first flag and find a coin. He thinks it might be British copper from 1700s. Three days later, in the war room, have a video meeting. There is a report on two pieces of wood found in the swamp. Dr. Spooner is there as well to discuss the two pieces. The weird one dated 1683 – 1735. Doug then speaks about the piece. He went to a museum and took pictures of a part of a boat. It’s a bulk head or cargo hold of a small boat. The second sample with a rope burn dates 1680 – -1740.

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