I Love This TV Show #podcast Season One: The Golden Girls

New episodes arriving again every other week starting on Thursdays in January of 2022.

In the first season of this podcast I’ll cover all seven seasons of The Golden Girls. The one season of The Golden Palace will also be included.


  • Season One: The Golden Girls
  • Season Two: Hot in Cleveland (once Golden Girls and Golden Palace are done)

Here are the ten most recent episodes of the podcast. You can listen to all of them via the podcast page, where you can also leave a voice mail and support this podcast. You can also email me at podcast@pastasworld.com. This podcast is also available on these apps:

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The Golden Girls S3Ep09 – A Visit from Little Sven I Love This TV Show: The Golden Girls

Rose's cousin is coming to town for a few days before he goes to St. Olaf to meet the bride that has been arranged for him. The guy Blanche is dating, or trying to date, keeps cancelling on her and hurting her feelings. Sophia wants to get a drivers license again because not having a current one makes her field old. But Blanche takes Sven out on the town and kisses him to make the other man jealous. It works but causes another problem. Sven falls for Blanche. Does Blanche fix the Sven problem? Does Sophia learn how to drive again? Does Blanche get her man? — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ilovethistvshow/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ilovethistvshow/support
  1. The Golden Girls S3Ep09 – A Visit from Little Sven
  2. The Golden Girls S3Ep08 – Brotherly Love
  3. The Golden Girls S3Ep07 – Strange Bedfellows
  4. The Golden Girls S3Ep06 – Letter to Gorbachev
  5. The Golden Girls S3Ep05 – Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
  6. The Golden Girls S3Ep04 – The Housekeeper
  7. The Golden Girls S3Ep03 – Bringing Up Baby
  8. The Golden Girls S3Ep02 – One For The Money
  9. The Golden Girls S3Ep01 – Old Friends
  10. The Golden Girls S2Ep26 – Empty Nest
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