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New episodes every Thursday. One episode for each show per month. Four new episodes each month.

Each show will be a season so it’s easy to find episodes for each show.


  • Season One: The Golden Girls
  • Season Two: Hot in Cleveland
  • Season Three: Mama’s Family
  • Season Four: Elementary
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Here are the ten most recent episodes of the podcast. You can listen to all of them via the podcast page, where you can also leave a voice mail and support this podcast. You can also email me at podcast@pastasworld.com. This podcast is also available on these apps:

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Elementary S1Ep02 – While You Were Sleeping I Love This TV Show

Mysterious deaths and a money connection. Who's killing a rich man's heirs? — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ilovethistvshow/support
  1. Elementary S1Ep02 – While You Were Sleeping
  2. Mama's Family S1Ep04 – The Wedding part 2
  3. Hot in Cleveland S1Ep4 – The Sex That Got Away
  4. The Golden Girls S3Ep16 – Grab That Dough
  5. Elementary S1Ep01 – The Pilot
  6. Mama's Family S1Ep03 The Wedding part 1
  7. Hot in Cleveland S1Ep03 – Birthdates
  8. The Golden Girls S3Ep15 – Dorothy's New Friend
  9. Mama's Family S1Ep02 – For Better or for Worse
  10. Hot in Cleveland S1Ep02 – Who's Your Mamma?
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