I Love This TV Show #podcast Season One: The Golden Girls

New episodes arriving again weekly starting on Thursdays in September of 2021.

In the first season of this podcast I’ll cover all seven seasons of The Golden Girls. The one season of The Golden Palace will also be included.


  • Season One: The Golden Girls
  • Season Two: Hot in Cleveland (once Golden Girls and Golden Palace are done)

Here are the ten most recent episodes of the podcast. You can listen to all of them via the podcast page, where you can also leave a voice mail and support this podcast. You can also email me at podcast@pastasworld.com. This podcast is also available on these apps:

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The Golden Girls S3Ep01 – Old Friends I Love This TV Show: The Golden Girls

Sophia makes a new friend at the boardwalk named Alvin. She doesn't realize that he has Alzheimer's. The second story is about Rose and her teddy bear. Blanche accidentally gives it away and has trouble getting it back. Does Blanche succeed in getting Fernando the teddy bear back or does Rose have to take matters into her own hands? — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ilovethistvshow/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ilovethistvshow/support
  1. The Golden Girls S3Ep01 – Old Friends
  2. The Golden Girls S2Ep26 – Empty Nest
  3. The Golden Girls S2Ep25 – A Piece of Cake
  4. The Golden Girls S2Ep24 – To Catch a Neighbor
  5. The Golden Girls S2Ep23 – Son-in-Law Dearest
  6. The Golden Girls S2Ep22 – Diamond in the Rough
  7. The Golden Girls S2Ep21 – Dorothy's Prized Pupil
  8. The Golden Girls S2Ep20 – Whos Face is This, Anyway?
  9. The Golden Girls S2Ep19 – Long Day's Journey into Marinara
  10. The Golden Girls S2Ep18 – Forgive Me, Father
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