Mama’s Family S02, Ep17 – Mama for Mayor part 2

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: Mama for Mayor p2
Original Air Date: February 25, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Noami: It sends a shiver through me every time I hear it.
Ellen: Everything sends a shiver through her.

* Thelma: If you don’t sit down and shut up I’m going to show you the agony of defeat.

* Fran: You better do something pretty quick or you might be presiding at your own lynching.

* Thelma: Crybabies, crybabies, this whole town is filled with nothing but crybabies.

* Felciia: The police chief said if you want preschoolers rounded up and put in a paddy wagon you’ll have to do it yourself.

* Ellen: This has gone too far. The whole town is in an uproar.
Thelma: Maybe that’s what this town needs, is to be shaken up a little bit.

* Thelma: Well, Alvin, I believe that’s the best speech you ever made.

* Thelma: Well Tutty old Lincoln was right when he said the guy who knows most of the poop can lead the troop.

* Thelma: If I know you Ellen, you’ll follow his aspirations all the way to the state capital.

* Thelma: Shoot, you know you’re in trouble when the Cub Scouts have a contract out on you.

Synopsis: It’s inauguration day for Mama. Tuttweiler gives a speech and then Thelma speaks. Tuttweiler tries to swear her in, but he loses his tempter and storms off. Fran is impressed with Thelma’s new office. After they leave, her secretary comes in to go over her schedule. When she asks her about the current legislation she get a pile on her desk taller than she is. The city council meeting doesn’t go any better. It actually turns into a massive fight, violence is threatened and Thelma storms out. As the days go on Thelma’s approval rating continues dropping. In less than a week more than have the town is on strike. The family tries to help, but her office is buried in complaints. Her secretary tells her about a groundbreaking, but they have to form a protective barrier around her for her own safety. Ellen and Tuttweiler wake to the radio and an announcement that Thelma is being impeached as mayor. Her secretary informs her of the grave situation. Ellen and Ex-Mayor Tuttweiler come to the office to help. While there a baseball from the cub scouts is thrown through the window. She has whole drawer of them. It gets them all thinking and Tuttweiler admits he dropped the ball while he was the Mayor. Thelma hypothetically asks how he’d solved the problems going on. He gives her some advice and some dirt. She hold a city council meeting and gives Tuttweiler fixed it all. She has done her homework and puts Tuttweiler back in the position of Mayor. Everyone is happy. Back at the house, everyone is chatting about what happened. Thelma is just glad it’s over.

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