The X Files S02, Ep06 – Ascension

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: Ascension
Original Air Date: October 21, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Mulder! I need your help!!

* Mulder: I know you think we should have told Skinner but if he brings in the whole cavalry it might push Duane Berry over the edge.

* Duane Berry: That was the deal. Her instead of me.

* Mulder: Did you hurt her?! Did you hurt her!!??

* Krycheck: If Mulder’s such a threat why not eliminate him.
Smoking Man: That’s not possible.

* Smoking Man: Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man’s religion into another crusade.

* Smoking Man: You have no rights, just orders to be carried out.

* Agent: Why are you so paranoid Mulder?
Mulder: Maybe it’s because I can’t trust anybody.

* Skinner: There’s only one thing I can do Agent Mulder. As of right now I’m re-opening the X files. That’s what they fear the most.

Synopsis: Mulder is in his apartment. He gets a message from Scully. It’s about the piece of metal. Her kidnapping is on the message too. Mulder races to her apartment. Once there, he’s sees what happened as if it’s a vision. The crime scene team is there. Scully’s mom arrives and she’s distraught. Mulder tries to comfort her. Skinner is running the task force to find her. Duane is driving a car and presumably has Scully. He gets pulled over by a cop, but he’s missed the radio broadcast about Scully. The cop sees the blood and thinks he’s crazy. He pulls his gun. Scully comes too and realizes help is close. She starts making noise, but Duane shoots the cop. Mulder gets the dash came footage and proves that Duane has Scully and she’s alive. Mulder starts listening to all the tapes of Duane Berry he can get his hands on to try and figure out where he’s going with Scully. He finally figures it out. Krycheck is driving but he called the Smoking Man first. Mulder is taking a turn at the wheel but he’s falling asleep. They get to the park and find he got there 45 minutes ago. The gondola hasn’t been tested with humans yet with the new cable, but Mulder doesn’t care. He operates the gondola faster than he should to get to the top before Duane Berry. He just about gives the operator a heart attack cranking it to max speed. The operator tells him he has to go slower at the towers otherwise it could jump the cable and crash to the ground. Krycheck knocks out the power trapping Mulder. But he looks through the gondola to find another exit. He climbs on top of it and Krycheck turns it back one at that point trying to kill Mulder. He makes it safely to the top though. Mulder finds Duane’s car with blood, but empty. In the trunk, he finds Scully’s cross. It’s confirmation she is there. Suddenly, its very bright. He hears maniacal laughing. Duane tells him that they took Scully. Another light comes, but it’s a chopper. Mulder and Duane are in an office. Mulder questions him. The medical bracelet he’s wearing has blood and Scully hair. Mulder loses it and nearly chokes her to death. He leaves the room. Cut to Scully, who’s bathed in a weird light and all kinds of things are being done to her. It fades back to Mulder. He goes back to the room and Krycheck is talking to him. Mulder is livid. Suddenly, there’s a scream for paramedics. Duane Berry has some sort of spasm and dies. They try to resuscitate him. He does not make it. Mulder meets with the pathologist, she doesn’t have all the results. He learns it’s not an FBI case anymore but military. In a garage, Krycheck gets in a car with the Smoking Man. He gets a tongue lashing. The task force then questions Mulder about Duane Berry’s death. Mulder suggests poisoning. After the meeting, Mulder borrows Krychecks keys and goes to visit a senator. His new source meets him instead and tells him there’s nothing and no one left to help him. Mulder leaves, a bit defeated. Mulder finds cigarettes in the cars ashtray and looks disgusted. It leads Mulder to put the spotlight on Krycheck. He’s linked Krycheck to the Smoking Man. They both have different suspicions and start to discuss them till a phone call interrupts. Krycheck is in the wind. Mulder meets with Mrs. Scully in the park. Her mom had a dream about Scully again. He gives her Dana’s cross. Her mother gave it to her for her 15th birthday. She gives it back to Mulder though instead of keeping it. She tells him to give it back to her when he finds her. Mulder goes back to the mountain and looks up in the sky.

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