Family Matters S02, Ep07 – Dog Day Halloween

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Dog Day Halloween
Original Air Date: October 26, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: If Judy wants to scare people all she has to do is show them her room.
Harriet: I don’t want to traumatize the kids.

* Carl: Gee Rodney, looks like you got a little egg on your face.

* Steve: Laura, I think I can take this guy.
Laura: Where? To a movie?

Synopsis: Carl and Harriet are decorating for Halloween. Carl is upset because he will have to work. Eddie and Rodney are in costume and Carl interrogates and frisks them. He gets a good bounty of contra band. Rachel, Mother Winslow and Laura come back with costumes for themselves and Harriet. Her costume is the hunchback of notre dame. She’s not happy. Carl asks Laura to help him make the place really frightening and Steve walks in. Later that evening, Steve goes with Laura to the bank. She’s Tina Turner and he’s dressed as Superman. They get in a fight. They are each depositing their paychecks. Before they leave, Abe Lincoln comes in and he plans to rob the bank. He tells Steve to fill the bag with money, but Steve gets tangled and makes a mess out of it all. The robber gets impatient when he hears a siren. He runs for it. They hear the cops tell him to freeze and think he’s arrested, but he runs back into the bank and takes them hostage. Carl and Lieutenant Murtagh are running the scene. Murtagh wants to go in guns blazing and Carl convinces him to try negotiating first. Carl calls the bank and the robber answers. He gives Carl his demands and tells him he’s got an hour. Carl asks to speak to someone for proof they are ok. He puts Laura on the phone. Now the robber knows that Laura is his daughter. Back at the house, Harriet comes down stairs in her hunchback costume. Rachel arrives back with Judy and Ritchie from trick or treating. Ritchie stole all her candy. Harriet is upset because Laura and Steve haven’t come back with candy. At the bank, the situation gets tense. Steve gets the idea that he can overpower the robber. Laura tells him that he can’t because he’ll get shot. But he tries to get the upper hand on the robber anyway. He somehow beats the robber. But it’s clearly a fantasy as we fade back to reality. This time he tries but fails. The pizza arrives, and Carl is the delivery man. Laura recognizes him. He’s able to take the robber down with a distraction. Steve is clearly upset that he wasn’t the hero. At the house, Harriet is handing out canned goods. When Laura gets home, Harriet and Mother Winslow are upset. Steve talks with Carl and tells him how upset he is. Carl tries to comfort him and tell him he did exactly as he should have. Carl tells him he was scared too to make him feel better. He also tells him that he used his trick snakes.

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