Numb3rs S02, Ep13 – Double Down

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Double Down
Original Air Date: January 13, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

*Don: You guys actually get paid to do this?

*Amita: Doesn’t that attract attention?
Larry: Yes of course it does.
Charlie: You got caught.

*Larry: They said we were cheaters. We weren’t, we were playing smart.

*Larry: I’ll tell you something. Whoever did this is a mathematician. You can bet on that.

*Larry: I don’t think you understand how truly narcotic this is for me.

*Amita: It’s impossible for machines to create truly random sequences.

*Colby: Looks like your gamble lost pal.

Synopsis: A man steps up to a black jack table. He does quite well. He leaves and gets his car, but he gets killed. Don and his team show up. In the car there is a bag full of notebooks filled with equations. Don visits Charlie, who is doing a demonstration of cola and mentos. They are probability equations. Larry recognizes something about them. Megan speaks to the victim’s ex-girlfriend. They broke up because of his gambling. Don and Megan go back to the scene. David and Colby came as well. They found a lot of fake ID’s in his room. Charlie, Amita and Larry discuss an old lecture that Charlie gave at the victim’s college. Larry says the calculations are for card counting at blackjack and that he use to do it. Don and his team analyze the video footage from the casino. Charlie and Larry arrive. Larry tells them about the notebooks and that Yuri was card counting. Larry gives them a new analysis of the video. He finds a team of three. Now they need to figure out the backer. At Charlie’s office, Larry waxes poetic about gambling. Colby and David identify the other two members of the team. Megan has a chat with the casino manager. David and Colby go to visit the spotter’s mom. She takes them out to his guest house space and it looks like a casino. His mother exits in shock. Colby finds more fake ID’s. Charlie and his team take over the living room. Larry says the work is high level work, not undergrad work. It reminds him of his old card partner. Both survivors are now on the run. Charlie finds Don and gives him the name from Larry. Jason is found dead with a single shot to the head. Megan and Don go to visit Leonard, Larry’s old partner. He tells them that the kids came to him and he backed them till last month. They find another member of the crew and she’s a dancer. She’s dancing on the main stage. After her dance, they talk to her. They tell her and she is shocked. She got paid to be arm candy for their crew. Amita finds the guys in back in the hall trying to figure out who was backing the crew. Larry looks through their files and they are all extremely intelligent. At Don’s office, Charlie tells them how they were using the casino to launder money. Larry, Charlie and Amita go to the casino. Larry is trying not to have a melt down. He’s making a killing at the table and Charlie is losing is shirt. He starts going on about different techniques and how one of them triggered an auto shuffler. Charlie realizes that they cracked how the auto shuffler works. At Don’s office, it turns out that Larry’s old buddy Leonard designed the algorithm and then taught the kids how to hack the machine. They bring Leonard in and he tells them everything. Don and the team go straight to the casino for the manager. They smell gun shot residue in the managers office and find a dead body. The team realizes that the car was purposely parked far away. Turns out it was Ignacio. Leonard is the last target if Ignacio is going to clean house. The team has staked out the parking lot to protect Leonard. They catch him. Larry confronts Leonard at the FBI office. At the house, Don let’s everyone know the outcome of Leonard’s fate. Alan breaks out the poker chips but no one is wiling to play him except Charlie.

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