The Curse of Oak Island S05, Ep03 – Obstruction

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 5
Episode: 3
Title: Obstrcution
Original Air Date: November 21, 2017

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 5 – The Curse of Oak Island

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

Synopsis: The Geotech system drilling continues. Ten holes are completed so far. They hope that once all the shafts are drilled they will be able to identify some strong targets to drill a larger shaft on. Gary Drayton, Marty and David head to Lot 16 to metal detect. He gets a hit pretty quickly. It’s a broken nail. He also finds two coins. One coin has Charles on it and it’s the first they have found like this. It’s dated 1673. The other coin also dates to the 1600s. They head over to Dan’s to show him the coins. Dan’s excited. That afternoon at the money pit site they check in to see how the drilling is progressing. The current drill has hit an obstruction. There appears to be metal that came up in the spoils. A second larger piece came up as well. He’s his something quite hard with the drill and he can’t penetrate it. The choose to case it as it instead of using a different drill bit to go through it. The next day Rick calls everyone to meet about something. They’ve received a letter that halts all metal detecting and possibly shuts down the island. As Rick understands it, something they found in Samuel Ball’s lot is what has triggered this concern. Marty wants a face to face meeting to resolve this. The team is at the pub waiting for Marty and Rick to come back with news from their meeting about the letter. The government is getting pressured by the archeology community now. Laird is an archaeologist that has been working with them and they’ll ask him to come on full time. Laird comes out to the island at their request and he agrees to be an advisor to the team. They show him the interpretive center as well. It’s open to the public so anyone who wants to see what’s been found can. He applies for the newly required permit. It’s approved because Gary Drayton is back and Laird is there as well. He gets some hits and finds some 18th century spoon bowls. Another hit yields a good size piece of iron. After another tree is pulled up, Laird calls for the dig to stop. It looks as if it could be a foundation or something else. Stones are grouped together in a non-natural way. They can continue metal detecting but no more digging. Gary gets a hit in a set of roots. It’s a small piece of pewter.

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