Family Matters S01, Ep19 – In a Jam

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: In a Jam
Original Air Date: February 23, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: Urkel, don’t you parents feed you?
Steve: Not every day.

* Mother Winslow: Your grandfather’s name was Lester. Carl was his horse.

* Harriet: Oh yeah, I get it. I just don’t want it in my living room.

* Laura: In a strange sort of way I think I just might miss Urkel.

* Judy: He’s dying.
Rachel: That’s because he’s mangling my jokes.

* Steve: Did all you people come here just to see a bloodbath?

Synopsis: Carl is trying to fix the VCR, with Eddie’s help. However, Steve also helps and the whole house loses power. The three are doing homework in the kitchen as Steve comes in. He asks about food and tells them that he’s been being ripped off by a bully so he hasn’t been able to buy any lunch. Steve asks Eddie for help. He offers to pay him $10 to protect him. In the living room, the ladies are folding socks. Carl runs in and says he’s on the news. He then tells them he’s got a tryout as the afternoon traffic reporter. Rachel insists on jokes. At the lunch spot, Eddie is eating with Steve. They are waiting for the bully. He doesn’t seem to show, so Eddie leaves. A few minutes later, the bully comes in. Steve refuses to pay, so the bully tells him double tomorrow. As he leaves, Steve tells him he’s not going to pay him anymore. Bull tells him to pay him tomorrow or else. Even Rodney is afraid for him. Back at the house, Mother Winslow gets Carl to sign an autograph for her friend. Rachel comes downstairs with a whole list of one line jokes. Harriet is not amused. In the kitchen, Rodney is expressing is fear for Steve’s safety with the bully. Laura also expresses concern. Steve comes in and gives everyone something to remember him by after the bully kills him. Steve tells Eddie he doesn’t’ know what it’s like being bullied because he’s not small. Eddie asks his dad for advice. Carl tells him it’s not a simple yes or no answer to help Steve. The next day, Carl’s traffic report is coming up on tv. At the studio, Carl is a nervous wreck. The director tells Carl that the previous officer got fired because of the jokes. He tries a joke and it bombs. The director gives him a traffic print out to save him. He reads it and realizes the reroute is being repaved and gives an alternate route. At the diner, Steve sits sadly. Laura tries to convince him to save himself. Bull arrives. He asks Steve for the money one more time and he refuses. As he’s about to punch Steve, Eddie steps in. He takes a swing at Eddie, but he dodges. Eddie’s counter punch hits dead on and the bully agrees to leave Steve alone. A few minutes later, Carl arrives. They discuss Steve’s situation. Eddie tells him what happened. Carl tells him he’s proud of him and they leave.

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