Elementary S02, Ep17 – Ears To You

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: Ears To You
Original Air Date: March 6, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Lestrade: Holmes was right. I can’t do this job without him.

* Lestrade: You’re the one with him now. You’re the one who gets to be special.

* Sherlock: The question is, is it a mess of Mr. Cushing’s design?

* Joan: I don’t find your self-pity amusing.

* Joan: Find the guy. Be a detective. At the very least you might get your cash back, at the most you realize you were never just someone else’s tag along.

* Sherlock: Chips are plastic and thin for a reason. They are fragile and easily lost, just like the sobriety they represent.

* Sherlock: I’m saying that he needs to find his way out of this himself.

* Sherlock: Luxury. I’ll name that tart in 20 keystrokes.

* Sherlock: I’m here because this is where we keep the food and I’m hungry.

* Sherlock: Can you imagine the time and effort it would take one person to find his or her ear twin, assuming such a thing even exists?

* Sherlock: This one explodes. You’re staying?
Joan: What I can say? I have faith.

Synopsis: Sherlock and Joan are going nuts with Lestrade as a house guest. He’s been there 19 days now. Sherlock is working on disabling a bomb, with a little under 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the timer. Lestsrade starts screaming for help. It appears one of the roosters won’t let him have the remote. A man is being driving by a cabbie. He admits he’s the man on the news. At his house, he finds a package. Inside it contains two ears. At the Captain’s office, he, Sherlock and Joan go over the case and the new development. The trio are quite skeptical of these severed ears. They interview the husband about the ears. He tells them he doesn’t love her, but wants to find her so people stop thinking he killed her. In the morgue, Sherlock and Joan examine the ears. They get a text from Lestrade he’s locked out. When Joan arrives to let him in he’s been mugged. Joan smells alcohol and thinks he’s being lying about being mugged. Lestrade finally admits that he can’t pull off being Sherlock. In the living room, Sherlock informs Joan that the ears are confirmed to be Sarah’s. He then goes back to disarming another bomb. Cushing is sitting on a bench in the subway waiting for the drop. The man shows up to collect the money. He says he’ll call in an hour with his wife’s location. He goes through the subway and tries to follow him. When the Captain and company catch up, they find that Cushing has bashed the man’s head in. In interrogation, they ask him what happened. Then he plays the pity card. In the hall, the four discuss the case. Lestsrade shows up to see Joan. Joan tells him to take an offer and get out of the brownstone by the end of the week. She reminds Lestrade that Sherlock chose to work with him. She gives him the case files on a few muggings to look at. He appears to be the third victim of this mugger. Bell and Sherlock examine the body in the morgue. Sherlock deduces this man was just an errand boy and not the actual kidnapper. He has some tattoos on his leg. Turns out he had AA chips tattooed on his leg. They all go to AA meetings to try and figure out who the victim is. Sherlock brings up Lestrade. He’s aware of all that’s been going on with him. Before they leave a meeting, Sherlock recognizes Sarah Cushing. They speak with her and she admits that it is her and she has changed her name. She says she was afraid for Gordon to know she was alive. She’s sober and married now. She recognizes the dead man. He figured out who she was and blackmailed her. Joan asks her about the ears. The brush in the bathroom wasn’t hers, so the DNA was not hers. They are likely his mistress. At the brownstone, Lestrade is working on the mugger cases. He talks to the first victim and gets nowhere. When he talks to the second victim, he gets hit on. Lestrade looks at the video again and sees the bike he describes. At the station, Cushing admits to an affair with a prostitute. He says the mistress, Kendra, disappeared at the same time as Sarah. Bell is searching for Kendra, but Sherlock decides to search for her as well. Joan gets a call from Bell. Kendra’s real name was Kelly Tasker, but she is now dead and cremated. The next morning, Joan finds Sherlock in the kitchen working on the case. They discuss Lestrade again and how to help him. His research brings up the man who created the mugshot. He believed no two ears are the same. Sherlock gets an idea when he realizes that Sarah’s new husband is a plastic surgeon. A man walks his bike into an apartment to find Lestrade waiting. He lays out all the information proving he’s the robber, including his own wallet. The mugger is not interesting in returning Lestrade’s money. When he tries to attack Lestrade, Lestrade knocks him out with a punch. He is intrigued by a leaf and a feather that falls off the man’s body. At the station, they bring Sarah in again. Sherlock accuses her of growing a second set of ears on her back. Her husband has done it before. The Captain presents her with a court order for DNA. At the brownstone, Lestrade texts Sherlock and Joan. He comes downstairs and informs them he solved the mugger case. But he’s mad because he thinks Sherlock examined the files first and pretended to be the people he called. He continues to accuse Sherlock of orchestrating the whole thing. He’s thrilled that he saw through Sherlock’s scheme and happily announces that he’s back on his game. Sherlock has nothing to say, except to shake his hand and congratulate him. Joan questions Sherlock and states that he did nothing that Lestrade said he did. He just played along. The feather came off Lestrade, he just never noticed. Sherlock is working on disarming another bomb from his friend. However, this one actually explodes.

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