Family Matters S03, Ep05 – Daddy’s Little Girl

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 5

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl

Original Air Date: October 18, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: I’ll get you on that plane if I have to chase it down the runway.

* Laura: Hit me Max.
Max: Why?
Laura: I walk in and see the babe of the century sitting on my couch and what do I do?
Max: Act like a geek?
Laura: I went way beyond geek. I went into geekwarp.

* Steve: So my little macadamia nut, do you miss me? [blows kisses]
Laura: Like I miss a root canal.

* Rachel: Men are like fish, if you want to catch one you got to put some bait on your hook.

* Laura: Still you took a risk.
Mike: Of what? A papercut.

* Steve: I need a big favor pronto. It seems that I’ve spurned the advances of a woman named Kaliki one time too many. She’s driven me into the sand like a tent spike.
Rachel: Steve, what do you want me to do about it from here?
Steve: Could you call the concierge and ask him to come and dig me out? I tried calling him myself, but he recognized my voice. If you could call fairly soon, the tides coming in.

* Carl: I know I’ve put my foot in my mouth before but I think this time I was tasting my knee joint.

* Laura: Dad, you humiliated me. Mike thinks I’m a total fool.


Steve comes in the house singing and dancing along to his Walkman. He finds Carl asleep on the couch and after several failed attempts to wake him gets the blow horn out of the closet. He uses it right next to Carl’s ear. Carl kicks him out. Steve tells him he needs a favor, but he doesn’t want to listen. Before leaving, Steve tells him his parents left for Hawaii and forgot to take him. He doesn’t mind spending the two weeks with Carl instead of his parents. Carl throws him over his shoulder, and they race to the airport. Another day and Carl brings his new partner in training to the house for dinner. He asks to see Carl’s commendations. Laura and Maxine come back from the mall to find the new officer in training on the couch. Laura is speechless. Carl comes back in to announce that Harriet will make a big turkey dinner. Harriet is not amused. Then he embarrasses Laura. Everyone exits but Laura and Max. Laura expresses she’s embarrassed by how she acted. Max tells her it doesn’t matter how bad she behaved because Mike does not know she’s alive. Steve walks up to two ladies on the beach and tries to talk to them. They get up and walk away. Steve then lays out his beach towel. It has Laura on it. He turns on his stereo and plays polka music. He dances to it too. He then gets settled and gets out a small satellite dish that is connected to his cell phone. He calls the Winslow’s. Laura and Eddie fight over who gets to answer it. When they hear his voice, they both drop the phone. Eddie finally picks it up and tries bad Spanish to get rid of him. Then he hands Laura the phone. He tells her about a woman pursuing him on the island. She feigns static and hangs up. A large shadow appears and blocks out the sun. It’s the woman pursing him. Rachel comes home in her workout outfit singing and dancing. Harriet comes in moments later and collapses on the couch. Laura comes in and asks her mother for advice on how to get a guy to notice her. Rachel is not impressed with Harriet’s advice. Rachel then gives her some advice. Laura is wowed by her advice and Harriet is not amused. That night, Carl and Mike arrive at the house. Laura comes downstairs in a dress and heels. She falls down the last stair. He doesn’t know where to look or what to do. He comments on her perfume and how “noticeable.” She starts a conversation with him and learns they caught a burglar. Carl did the catching and he did the paperwork. She gets a little dramatic and very over the top. Harriet and Rachel come out with drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Rachel stops midsentence at the sight of Laura. Mike just looks uncomfortable. Harriet introduces Rachel to Mike. Carl enters the room. He takes one look at Laura, and he starts to laugh and make fun of her. She starts to cry and runs up the stairs. Carl gets confused. Harriet pulls him in the kitchen by the ear. The phone rings and Rachel answers. Steve has been driven into the sand like a tent spike by the woman who’s advances he has ignored. Up in her room, Laura sits crying after taking off her outfit and make up. Carl comes to her room to apologize. She won’t look at him. He tries to lighten the mood, but it doesn’t work. Carl informs her Mike is engaged. He picks up her bear. He tries to cheer her up by doing a voice for the bear. He then tells her that she has grown into a beautiful young lady and that he will try to treat her that way from now on. Steve has returned from his trip to Hawaii. He comes straight to the Winslow’s at 1:32am and gives them their hand carved coconuts.

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