Star Wars comic book 1981 issue 52

The Tarkin is the direct descendant of the Death Star. The Rebels have sent 5 of it’s best to destroy it from within. Now on it the five of them feel doubt. Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 are on high alert. They try to access a restricted section and meet storm troopers. They get in a small altercation. The group is forced to split up already and go do what they need to do. Darth Vader is informed of the incident on the bridge. He tells them do nothing; he’s been expecting this. He just asks that they increase the sentries along all possible escape routes. The colonel then asks about the main reactor. Vader informs him he will guard that himself. The colonel then heads to the elevator and goes down to a group of disgruntled Imperial officers. They decide they must act while Darth Vader is distracted by the rebels. They don’t know if they will get another chance. Down on the planet below, the Falcon has been spotted. Lando stowed away. He came along to be of help. He emerges to finds troopers. Meanwhile, R2D2 is attempting to take out the tractor beam and gets spotted by troopers. C-3PO then pops up to try and provide a cover story of repairs. The trooper doesn’t buy his story. Chewbacca steps in to protect them both. Chewbacca throws the troopers directly into the reactor. There is a big explosion. Princess Leia awaits in the escape pod bay. However, moments later she is attacked by guards. She manages to escape as reinforcements race to the scene. Luke is walking through the Tarkin. He’s confused by the fact that he has not come upon anyone. He does not know that Darth Vader awaits him. On the bridge, the group planning to attack Vader watches for him to get in front of the air lock. Luke stops before turning the corner as he feels someone there. Darth Vader has picked up that Luke senses him. At this moment, the man pushes the airlock button. Darth Vader is sucked out. Luke’s grenade is pulled out of his hands as well. Luke manages to not be sucked out due to the strength of his bionic hand. He pulls himself to safety. Darth Vader calls on the dark side to aide him. He pulls himself back in and walks against the extreme winds. He knows Colonel Nord is behind it. Elsewhere, Princess Leia has gotten lost. However, she quickly realizes that she is in the middle of the ionic cannon, the weapon that destroyed her home world. Leia reaches out over the commlink. C3PO reports they have had success. She informs them she hasn’t. Chewbacca asks about Luke. No one knows where he is. He then calls her on the commlink. He informs them he’s pinned down and that’s why he hasn’t answered. R2D2 tells the central computer about a fire. It triggers fire doors and foam. It traps a good number of troopers too. Back on the planet below, Lando greets the troopers. He tries to talk his way out of trouble. He tricks the trooper into thinking he has spice and hands it over. They leave. Back on the Tarkin, they try and figure out how to escape. Luke helps them escape with a fake thermocharge. They manage to escape on a transport. Darth Vader is furious and dispatches TIE fighters. Luke tries to outfly them. They take heavy fire. Suddenly, they see the Falcon. Lando talks to them over the comms and informs them he’ll bring them aboard. Darth Vader is very annoyed by this. He heads to his personal fighter. Lando sees this and wants to take him out. Luke points out his ship is better outfitted than TIE fighters and they should keep their distance and jump to light speed. They take heavy damage to the rear shields though while they discuss it. They have to navigate through a debris field to make the jump to hyperspace. Luke jettisons the water supply. It turns into a massive ice field. Darth Vader’s ship collides with it. He’s impressed. His fighter is disabled but he’s unharmed. However, Colonel Nord decides to enact his plan again. He commands them to fire up the canon. Once it’s powered up its to fire on the rebel ship and hopefully take out Darth Vader as well. The canon fires but something else happens. The ship its on blows up. Leia speaks up. She remembered the original death star plans. She reversed a few wires, reversing the polarity of the canon’s fire controls. She then thanks Lando for disobeying orders and rescuing them.

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