The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep21 – Off The Railing

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 21

Title: Off the Railing

Original Air Date: April 4, 2021

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In the money pit, they start to drill based on the Barringer Survey. This survey used military grade technology to locate underground tunnels. Dan Blankenship and his partner commissioned this survey. The survey also had 4 non-ferrous material hits. They are attempting to locate one of those hits. At the swamp, they continue uncovering the path. It’s possible the team has discovered a corner in the path. Gary joins them to metal detect. Billy also comes over with an excavator to remove some overburden. Gary metal detects what Billy digs up and gets a hit. He finds a button. Rick and Doug head to the swamp to see what is going on. Gary does more metal detecting and gets another hit. Gary says it reminds him of an old fire grate. In the research center, Doug shows Marty and Laird things that he found in Dan’s basement. One bag has a piece of metal that Dan found in the 1970s. The item could be a hand forged metal latch. Marty asks Doug to take it to Carmen Legge to see what he says about it. Back at the swamp, Miriam finds an item that Aaron thinks could be flint lock for a musket. In Smith’s Cove bore hole NF-1 begins. At 79 feet the till is very thick. It’s deemed in situ. The next two core are the target depth. The second sample is brought over. It’s now limestone rich sediment with very little clay. Terry says this terrain would not be good for making a tunnel in. Rick tells Steve to calculate the next hole, this one is done. Steve points out another spot immediately. It is moved 15 feet to the east. This hole is NF-2. That afternoon, Doug and Scott go to see Carmen Legge. They’ve taken the metal artifact for him to look at. He’s shocked to hear it was found 50 years ago. He says its layered metal and very old construction. It’s likely part of a cannon or explosives. The holes most likely relieved pressure. If it is from a canon, it’s a big cannon. This piece could be as old as the 1400s. Back on the island, Doug tells Marty that it is part of a canon that could be as old at the 1400s. The next day the team heads back to the swamp to uncover more of the stone pathway. Gary finds a piece of pottery that has an intriquite transfer pattern. Aaron dates it to early 1760s from France. Back at Smith’s Cove, the drilling continues. On NF-2 they are down to 130 some feet. Terry sees evidence of a fracture and nothing else. Terry ends the drilling on this hole. A video conference takes place in the war room. Rick and Marty are informed that the holes in Smith’s Cove came up empty but they have more holes to drill. They decide to bring the drilling rig back up to the money pit. They also discuss doing the Berringer Survey again themselves to see if they get the same results. Later that day, at the southern border of the swamp, Billy is digging again in the inclement weather. They start to dig where Dan marked finding the piece of canon. Billy digs to bottom. Steve takes a depth measurement. They want to try and mark out depths to do a topographical map. In another spot Billy is 9 feet down. Doug thinks its bottom and Billy says it is not the bottom, that something is there. Doug climbs out and checks the bucket. He finds a piece of wood that he describes as a piece of finished wood. It’s smooth and polished. He throws it to the team. It might be part of a ships railing. Billy informs them there is a large object blocking his ability to dig deeper. Another piece is found in the bucket. It’s high-quality crafted wood. Gary and others come over to see it. Gary takes a closer look and says it looks like a ship railing. He then points at a spot where a nail would go through it. They are forced to end for the day. Billy quotes Gary and calls it’s a top pocket find.

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