Family Matters S02, Ep16 – Do The Right Thing

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Do The Right Thing
Original Air Date: January 18, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: Gee willickers, your hormones are stampeding.

* Steve: Laura, why are you ogling that giraffe?

* Harriet: What’s a three letter wold for pleasure?
Mother Winslow: Men.

* Steve: I’ve lost Laura.
Eddie: Well, Steve, look on the bright side, you never had her.

* Eddie: Steve, the only thing between you and Laura is you.

* Steve: Gee, Todd this, Todd that. I’m getting tired of hearing about your hot Toddy.

* Laura: Sure, I want a guy with something upstairs, but I also want a well built staircase.

Synopsis: Rachel catches Ritchie with candy before dinner. She teaches him about his conscience and right and wrong. At Rachel’s Place, Laura goes gaga over a new student who comes in. He walks over and introduces himself to Laura. He’s there to apply for the waiter job. Rachel starts her first interview. He compliments her hat. But he then tells her that as the answer to every question she asks. She escorts him to the door. She then announces speaking English is a must for the job and two more people get up and leave. One of the remaining two has a long list of demands and he’s also eliminated. Todd is the only applicant left and Laura is very excited. Rachel hires him and Laura is very excited. Harriet is doing a crossword and Mother Winslow helps. Carl comes racing in, excited. He found a gorgeous diamond bracelet in the park while chasing the ice cream truck. Harriet wants to keep it. Carl says he had it appraised and its worth fifteen grand, he wants to sell it. He tells them he has to turn it in and if it’s not claimed in 30 days then it’s theirs. Harriet runs for the cruise brochures. Later, Eddie is trying to help Steve work out. Steve tells Eddie about Todd. In short, Todd is struggling in a subject and has asked Steve for help. Harriet helps Judy with her homework. Carl comes home and he’s nervous about the bracelet. Harriet lectures Carl on how he has handled the bracelet situation. Carl sits on the couch and his conscience pays him a visit. His devil side comes out too. That night at Rachel’s Place, Laura asks him to tutor Todd. He tells her he will think about it. Steve thinks about and his devil tells him to give Todd all the wrong answers. But his angel comes out as well. Todd comes out and begs him for help. Back at the house, Carl comes home with the bracelet. It’s been 30 days now. They celebrate that the bracelet is theirs. However, there is a knock at the door and it’s a woman looking for the bracelet. Harriet invites her in and tells her she has the right how. The woman was on a cruise so she didn’t know sooner. Mother Winslow asks her to describe it. She describes it to the letter. Carl has trouble letting go of it. She gives them a $20 cash reward. She leaves very happy. Carl asks who Poopsie is. It’s turns out to be her cat. It wasn’t a bracelet, but her cat’s collar. That night Laura calls Steve. He runs over, skipping the phone. She tells him Todd got a B in Geometry. Steve wishers her and Todd well. Laura tells him they broke up. He corners her on his braininess. She is still not interested in him. He tries to impress and she winds up having to carry him home.

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