The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep17 – Clue or False?

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 17
Title: Clue or False?
Original Air Date: March 19, 2019

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Synopsis: Smith’s Cove and excavating the slipway, as well as removing it, is top of the list to continue working on. In the war room, they bring in a surveyor to go through all the survey maps that they have. He’s compiled about a dozen already, specifically in the money pit to locate shaft 6. A lot of what they have discovered so far in their efforts, matches things noted on previous maps. That afternoon, Gary and Jack go down to Smith’s Cove to check on Laird. Gary is going to metal detect the areas where the logs have been removed. Gary gets a hit, he finds a lot of oxidized iron. Its just a hunk of metal. He gets another hit and it’s a silver coin. They show Rick and he’s happy. A geophysicist is brought in to do a whole metal detecting sweep of Smith’s Cove with his specialized gear. He’s found a lot of targets and a massive one under the crane pad. They meet with the drilling team at the money pit at the new sight. A lot of wood is coming up. Doug thinks its form the Chappell Shaft because its 6×6 pieces of wood. They think they may have penetrated shaft 6. They put these spoils in an area by themselves to be hand searched. A hunk of wood doesn’t look like it’s been cut with modern tools. They also find what appears to be a large piece of leather. One of them takes the leather over to Marty to see. Gary and Charles are there too and all are excited. It was found at a depth of 103 feet. The grabber is now at 110 feet. They will continue until they hit bedrock. They hit more wood again and may have already passed thought shaft 6. The timbers coming up are massive. Even small pieces are so heavy that two have to carry it. It’s an oak timber and it’s over 100 feet down. Gary says they look like ships timbers. Others are going through spoils. Jack finds a piece of an iron chain. Gary agrees it’s a piece of chain link. He thinks it was likely used on a pulley system. Another object is found and Gary thinks it’s bone.

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