Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Consider ‘Supernatural’ Return

It has been years since the Supernatural family reunited with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but fans shouldn’t write the actor off from the series entirely. As it turns out, the only thing standing between Morgan and a Supernatural cameo is the right story.

Over on Twitter, the actor got fans buzzing when he teased his Supernatural interests with fans during a Q&A. After Morgan was asked if he’d consider playing John Winchester again, the actor had this to say:

“Sure. If story was right.”

As fans will know, Morgan appeared on Supernatural in its earliest days, and he hasn’t revisited the series in some time. The actor appeared in season one as John, the distant father of Sam and Dean Winchester. After going missing on a hunt, the two brothers reunited to find their old man, but the adventure pulled the pair deep into the world of hunting. Season one ended with the trio reuniting, but John sacrificed his life at the start of season two for Dean. Since then, Morgan has kept away from Supernatural, but it seems the right story may snag him back.

Of course, fans of The CW series will know John has returned to Supernatural before. In fact, season four brought the hunter back in full when Dean was thrown into the past. The lead met a young John in 1973, and the pair had a brief meeting before the Azazel killed John as a way to get to Mary Campbell.

As far as fans know, there are no plans to bring back John to Supernatural with or without Morgan. If the right story were to come along, it seems the actor would be interested in picking back up his old Colt, and Supernatural will have the perfect place to throw such a homecoming soon. The hit series will release its 300th episode this season, and fans have thrown out John as one character they’d like to see in the milestone release.

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