Mama’s Family S02, Ep16 – Mama for Mayor part one

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Mama for Mayor part one
Original Air Date: February 18, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: What in thunders name are trying to do here?

* Thelma: I knew it, you’re conniving to be the first lady of the state.
Ellen: It worked for Nancy Reagan.

* Thelma: Politics is just like cleaning fish. It doesn’t matter how good of a job you do, it still stinks.

* Ellen: Do you think that when two people care for one another that there whole life is just one lurid sex encounter after another?
Naomi: Oh, I hope so.

* Thelma: If I’d have fumbled the ball as many times as you, I’d have hung up my number years ago.

* Thelma: I could never be a politician, I’m too honest.

* Thelma: Well, I’m terribly sorry that I’ve forced you to work so hard. Course, judging from previous years if you do get elected you’ll have plenty of time to rest up after you’re in office.

* Thelma: Remember that a vote for Thelma Harper is like a hug for your Mother.

Synopsis: The house is being set up for a meeting. Vint tests a mic and Fran gets ready to report it. May Tutweiller is running for re-election for Mayor. Ellen refers to the mayor by a nickname and Naomi figures out they are together. Naomi goes on the deep end regarding her relationship and Ellen gets ticked off at her. The doorbell rings and more reporters arrive. The Mayor arrives and Thelma rushes them to get started. Vint nearly breaks the microphone while the Mayor tries to speak. The seniors turn on the Mayor. Thelma and the Mayor wind up exchanging words. The next morning, it’s all over the paper. Thelma is now a celebrity in town. She’s got a bunch of reporters and citizens outside. She’s yelling at them to get off her flowers. Ellen races over and tries to put her Mama running for Mayor to rest. Ellen talks to her like she has dementia. Ellen gets her so mad she officially declares that she is running for mayor. Back in the house, they get a call that Thelma is on national news. The house becomes campaign headquarters. Vint takes a call from a TV show that wants to host a debate between Thelma and the mayor. It’s the day of the debate. The Mayor and Ellen come up with an emergency back up plan incase the debate goes south. He gives an opening speech that just about puts everyone to sleep. Thelma opens with a short quip. He gives long winded answers, and Thelma cuts him down with honesty and the truth. He’s clearly losing so Ellen rescues him. It’s now election night. The first returns have Thelma behind a little. As the night goes on only Thelma is awake. Thelma finally falls asleep from exhaustion too. She is out cold as the tv announces she won.

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