Mama’s Family S02, Ep15 – No Room at the Inn

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: No Room at the Inn
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: You two is a sight that would turn even the strongest of stomachs.

* Naomi: I sear, you’re the best husband I’ve ever had.

* Sonia: What funs a party with no boys?
Mama: You’re gonna find out.

* Vint: I can’t believe it’s already been a year.
Mama: I can, you’ve already gone through the warranty on your mattress.

* Vint: Was that the cold duck?
Naomi: No, it was the old crow.

* Vint: Mama, is that you?
Thelma: No, it’s Mr. T, fool!

* Thelma: Good Lord, what is this, The Love Boat?

* Thelma: They’ll be making snow cones in hell before I apologize to that old goat.

* Naomi: You better flip Godzilla over before she inhales the drapes.

* Vint: Oh good grief she’s having a nightmare.
Naomi: Yeah, who isn’t?

Synopsis: Vint and Naomi are still in bed. Mama comes down to find them. She wants her lawn mowed. Sonia comes down ticked off. She wants a slumber party. Vint tells her that his anniversary with Naomi is coming up. He’s taking Naomi away that same weekend that Sonia wants a slumber party. Mama takes over though. It’s going to be girls only. It’s now the day of the slumber party and Vint and Naomi’s honeymoon. Fran’s going to the symphony to escape. Before everyone leaves the phone rings. It’s Aunt Effie, she’s fallen, and she can’t get up. She wants Thelma to come and help her. Vint agrees to drop her off on the way to their honeymoon. Thelma tells Fran she’ll need to cancel her symphony to chaperone and Fran is audibly upset. Naomi and Vint are at their motel now, starting their honeymoon. There’s a knock at their room’s door. Naomi opens it to find Thelma standing there. No one is happy. Turns out Aunt Effie just wanted someone to come out and do her cleaning for her. She insists on being taken home. When Vint refuses she decides to stay and the honeymoon is over. Naomi is furious. Vint tries to get her to go back to Effie’s and fails. Vint checks with the manager and they wind up with a rollaway bed. Thelma realizes that the room Naomi and Vint are in is also the room that she and Carl stayed in. Vint returns with a roll away bed. Naomi has a melt down and Thelma opts to sleep in the truck instead. Thelma comes running back though. No one is getting any sleep with Thelma’s bathroom ritual. After she finishes the toilet starts running and a big production it becomes. Going to sleep also becomes a big production. Though sleeping is not an easy feat with Mama’s snoring. The two hope that she stays asleep. As Naomi and Vint try to get romantic Thelma starts having a nightmare. Vint wakes her before she wakes the whole motel. Vint winds up sleeping on the rollaway and Thelma bunks with Naomi. She’s freaked out by the mirror and its instant replay capabilities. She gives up and watches tv. It’s playing a movie, but not the kind of movie she wants to see. She smacks the TV with her purse and insists on going home. They arrive home to find that the whole house is overrun by teenagers. Fran defends the party and shows off her nail polish. She got her ears pierced too. Buzz comes downstairs and tells them that teenage girls are everywhere.

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