Elementary S03, Ep12 – The One That Got Away

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Title: The One That Got Away
Original Air Date: January 29, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: So this is all about you?
Sherlock: No, us!!

* Joan: He did it. It was all over his face.
Gregson: I know.

* Gregson: We do this, we do it together.

* Sherlock: Did you know that Del is short for Edelbert? It’s no wonder the man is a sadist.

* Kitty: Shouldn’t you be with her?
Sherlock: My place is here with you.

* Joan: I wanted to apologize. You were right. He lied to me. It’s my fault that Kitty had to leave.
Sherlock: You were manipulated by a brilliant psychopath to who lying is as autonomous a process as breathing. Join the club.

* Joan: If Grunner wasn’t stalking her what was he doing?

* Sherlock (to Kitty): Latif is going home tonight because of you.

* Joan: You should be careful Del. We’re not in some basement. I don’t have duct tape around my eyes and wrists, let go. Or we’ll find out how you do against a woman who can actually fight back.

* Sherlock (to Kitty): You saved me. I’d like to return the favor.

* Sherlock (to Kitty): You are special to me. Whatever you decide, you will always be my friend.

* Kitty: Do you think I did the right thing?
Sherlock: I think you don’t have the stain of a murder on you.

Synopsis: A flash back to 8 months ago at Scotland Yard finds Kitty speaking with an investigatory. She presents her view of a cold case. She gets rebuffed and pretty much told to bug off. When she steps outside, she briefly meets Sherlock. Back in present time, the trio are at the brownstone. Both Sherlock and Joan are quite concerned for Kitty. Sherlock is suspicious of Joan’s new employer. The two discuss many possibilities about what’s going on right now with the real kidnapper and murder who Kitty escaped from. We see a glimpse of someone listening to their conversation. Joan’s work phone rings, its her new boss. He’s laying her off. Captain Gregson and Det. Bell pay him a visit. They bring him in for questioning. They don’t get anywhere. Another flashback to 8 months prior in London. Sherlock appears at Kitty’s apartment with her tablet. He tells her that he read her report and believes that she is correct in her thought process on the kidnapping case. He offers his help. Present day at the brownstone, Kitty joins Sherlock in the kitchen. He’s making her breakfast. She tells Sherlock she is going back to London. She doesn’t feel she can be of help. Sherlock arranges for the police to take her to the airport to assure a safe trip. Joan arrives at the brownstone later that night. He’s got piles of files that he’s pouring over. They are cases of missing and murdered women. It’s a large possible victim pool of Grunner. Joan and Sherlock have a chat. Kitty texts Sherlock she has landed in London, but she is actually still in New York. She’s watching Grunner. The next morning Joan wakes on the couch. Sherlock has narrowed the victim pool. Three possibilities are left. Sherlock’s frustration shows through. Bell calls the pair. Bell has found another possible victim and the three go to chat with her. She backpedals her story. They learn a lot about Grunner as well. Another flashback to London, 8 months ago. Ssherock as Kitty meet her at the Scotland Yard. The missing little boy was found. Not with who Kitty thought but another person in the same building. He offers her a partnership. In the present day, Kitty is in a warehouse testing a nutmeg concoction. Joan goes to a dinner banquet that is honoring Grunner. Grunner threatens Joan. She then lists the names of several victims. As Joan leaves, Grunner tries to threaten her. Joan stands her ground. Joan goes back to the brownstone and tells Sherlock what happened. Both are very upset for different reason. She tells him her name dropping got not results. But the woman they visited triggered him. It changes their perspective. A new idea gets sparked in Sherlock’s brain. He realizes that Grunner’s interest in this one woman isn’t actually in her but her son. The son could be the child of a previous victim and he could be the father. Flashback to London 6 months ago. Kitty is trying to pick a lock but can’t manage to do it. Sherlock demonstrates how to bypass a chain on a door. She’s clearly frustrated. They share some words and he compares her to Watson. The trio go back to speak with Tabitha to speak with her about her adopted son. They tell her about the possibility of Grunner being Jesse’s father. She allows a DNA sample to be taken. The results come back positive. Grunner has gone missing, he’s not home when they arrive to search. They split up their search efforts at Grunner’s. Back at the werehouse, Kitty has Grunner. The real him comes out. He starts screaming so she knocks him out and duct tapes his mouth. Sherlock shows up at the warehouse. He talks to her about the man he thought was Moriarty. They have a heart to heart. After Kitty goes back into the warehouse. She decides not to kill him. Sherlock arrives back at the brownstone to find Joan waiting for him. Gregson calls Sherlock. He found Grunner tied to a chair his head doused with a corrosive. The DNA results also came back, Grunner is Jesse’s father. They also found a book full of pictures that he can’t explain. Sherlock’s phone rings, it’s clearly Kitty, and Joan makes herself scarce. She’s calling from the airport. They have another heart to heart before she says goodbye. Even though they can’t see each other, their eyes fill with tears. She tells him she loves him and hangs up. Another flashback to London 6 months ago. Sherlock sits in his place, sad and crying. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Kitty. She apologizes. She also wants to continue her training. He agrees and gives her some odd instructions or the next day. He looks to the table where he had drugs. He throws them in the fire instead of taking them.

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