Family Matters S02, Ep04 – Flashpants

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Flashpants
Original Air Date: October 5, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: Oh great. It’s dance contest time again.

* Laura: It’s real depressing watching people your age do the lambada.

* Carl: Is Rachel here?
Harriet: No, but I’m sure she heard you.

* Carl: My back just went out and pain came in.

* Harriet: You can spend the rest of your life looking like a pretzel.

* Laura: Want us to hang you out on the porch so you can get some sun?
Carl: Just go.

* Carl: We got to beat the Carnelli’s we’re just a jitterbug away from victory.

* Harriet: I’m going to fix you a big banana split and then hang you up on the door.

Synopsis: Laura comes down in her Rachel’s uniform hoping to avoid Steve on her way to work. Leaving early doesn’t work as he’s waiting at the door. They are all sitting around the table having breakfast. Carl comes in and starts dancing with Harriet. It’s time for the yearly Policeman’s Dance Competition. That night Carl comes up upset. Charlie is on Carl’s nerves. He even tried to kill a jacket. Charlie was bragging about winning the dance competition and Carl wouldn’t stand for it. Carl wants Rachel to choreograph a spectacular dance routine. They practice it and it looks amazing. Carl takes a bow and his back goes out. Rachel calls the doctor to get help. Harriet decides to pull out of the dance contest, but Carl doesn’t want to. The appointment is in an hour, but that’s how long it’s going to take Carl to get to the car. Later, Carl is hanging on a door. Eddie and Laura ask for money for the mall. Carl is now home alone, however, Steve comes over. He tells him he’s going to be with him for every moment he has to hang on the door. Carl is not happy. It’s now the night of the dance contest. Charlie and his wife perform their dance, and they’re good. Next up is Carl and Harriet. They do quite well. The MC announces the winners are actually a tie between Carl and Charlie and their wives. They will have to do a dance off and it will be the jitterbug. But when Carl takes a bow at this news his back goes out again. Charlie notices and has to rib him about it. But Charlie trips and hurts his ankle walking away. Both try and do the jitterbug injured. But Charlie’s wife calls a time out for his injury. Carl then admits he is also injured and suggests a tie. Instead the commissioner’s kids get awarded the trophy. Now that the dance contest is over, everyone gets to dance. Harriet congratulates Carl on being such a good sport.

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