Elementary S03, Ep08 – End of Watch

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Title: End of Watch
Original Air Date: December 18, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: He’s armed with a toy gun.

* Kitty: Someone’s been writing down everything you say and posting it here? That’s against the rules isn’t it?

* Kitty: You are very quotable, you know.

* Sherlock: He exports violence and imports misery.

* Kitty: Was our friend there?
Sherlock: Anonymity, Kitty you really must look it up.

* Kitty: It’s the same news report as before. You’re wallowing.
Sherlock: I’m giving myself a much needed dose of self-recrimination.

* Sherlock: It’s strange to be found unique in the setting of a meeting, to stand out. It’s the one area of my life I feel part of the crowd.

Synopsis: Sherlock is at a meeting speaking. A guy comes up to him and asks if “Brain Attic” is his. He’s not thrilled, but gets a call from Gregson before he can further investigate. Sherlock and Kitty go to the scene. Bell and Joan find a fresh footprint. Sherlock removes the downed offices weapon. The magazine has air gun pellets. It’s a toy gun. The surveillance video doesn’t help. Everyone at the station gathers to listen to the final call. Gregson gives information about the funeral. Joan goes with Bell to speak with the wife. Sherlock and Kitty determined that the gun was switched prior to going out on his shift. It was likely another officer who switched the guns. Gregson already has a suspect. They interview his old partner. The slain officers’ wife tell them his life got harder after the accident. He was very proud and happy to be able to finally go back to full duty. Joan notices a lot of things are missing. She discovered that he got hooked on oxycodone. He was improving and they were going to counseling. Joan and Bell look into the possible dealer and the fake gun. At the brownstone, Kitty is working on the video. She’s able to determine the killer has a glass eye. He shows her the blog. It’s all things he’s said in meetings. Kitty volunteers to find the blogger and settle it. Joan calls with information and comes to the brownstone with security videos. She has found that Officer Flynn replaced his own gun with a toy. Sherlock and Joan tell Gregson what they think happened. The footage showed that he had purchased dozens of these toy guns. He worked at an armory. There is now concern that he may have sold dozens of police firearms to pay for his drug addiction. Kitty checks in with a birder to try and narrow down the photographer on the website. One picture gives her a date. Kitty arrives at the brownstone. Sherlock and Kitty will be tracking down the dealer. As for the armory at least 30 firearms were replaced with fake guns. Kitty shows him some photos of people who may be running the website. He recognizes someone but won’t tell Kitty who. Bell calls them, they know who the killer is. He’s been wanted by the ATF and they offer to help to catch the guy. Two patrolmen stop for coffee. While one goes in the other waits in the car. A message pops up on the computer about Burrows, the man who killed Flynn. Burrows walks right up to the car and kills the officer. At the morgue, they discuss the possibilities. Joan volunteers to look for any connection between the two officers. Sherlock has a chat with Darren about the website he created. He tells him how his words helped him and that is why he shared it. He refuses to take it down. Sherlock asks him if his wife knows about his affair. He threatens to tell his wife if the site stays up. Bell and Joan go to visit the most recent fallen officer’s cousin. He’s not helpful. At the brownstone, Joan and Kitty walk in to Sherlock practicing his blow dart skills on a picture of the murderer. Sherlock is still stuck on the drug dealer. Joan realizes that Flynn played sports. It’s possible that “6” was actually an old team mate from when he played football. He’s brought in and they interview him. He tells them about the man buying guns for pills. It was as they suspected, Flynn ended his habit, and cut off the supply of guns. Sherlock races to Gregson. There’s going to be a heist at that armory. The murderer killed the officers to get everyone out and rip off all the weapons at the armory. At the armory, the heist happens. Kitty informs Sherlock the website is down. Kitty and Sherlock head downstairs to find Joan has made a discovery. She thinks he’s hiding guns in furniture to smuggle them. Sherlock notes how quickly Burrows killed the second officer after the first. He had a dead line he has to meet. It allows them to track him and arrest him. When they haul him out he finds almost the full police force waiting to give him a perp walk. Sherlock attends another meeting. He looks up the site to read, “I’m sorry.”

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